Nintendo Switch - Super Smash Bros Direct 1st Nov


Waluigi mode


Now that basically every other fan want is in this version I am 100% certain Waluigi is going to be playable.
Good to see Shovel Knight there in some form. Wouldn’t be overly shocked to see Minecraft get a look in.


They’ve already revealed him as an assist trophy tho :frowning:


Time will tell I guess. Still a few surprises being held back of course. Reckon this might be the first 64gb cart for Switch.


I’d put money on some more fire emblem characters or maybe the botw heroes


Might be a FE character from the upcoming game but the games very FE heavy now. Hope we get sephiroth or some ff7 assist trophies.


That was a fun direct. Contemplating getting Smash now despite pretty much hating the past two games. Bloody Nintendo…

Interestingly I was reading earlier that in 7 of the previous 9 occasions where Nintendo have done a Direct dedicated to a specific title, they’ve followed it up with a broader second Direct within 10 days. So here’s hoping…




I think that Smash is going to be a game that I’m going to want to buy, but I know I won’t actually like it. I want to play a fighting game with Mario and fucking everybody, but in reality I know deep down that I won’t play it enough.

Which means that basically I have a limited set of “new” games coming up. I’ll likely get Pokémon Let’s Go mind you.


could be a fake out (eg they just did an immediate one with K Rool). Little Mac was originally an assist trophy in Brawl and has been playable since 4… I’m hopeful!


It’d be good to have Rayman in the new one or have Ken as Ryu’s echo character.


Okami’s out now. One of my ATDs raves about it, so I’ve tracked down an import physical copy that’s on its way.


I’m just about to dive into Dead Cells again, but see that there are new games on sale. This time I’m considering:

Gorogoa - 40% off / £7.19

Bomb Chicken - 40% off / £7.19

Bridge Constructor Portal - 40% off / £8.09 (although maybe I just want to play Portal)


Gorogoa is wonderfully smart. Short and linear with little replay value but it’s so clever, it deserves to be experienced at least once.


Just downloading Okami, I am very very excited to play it for the first time but even more excited to have an action adventure game on the go again.


I look forward to playing without wii motion controls.
I have this lined up next for when I’m finished with Octopath


Dead Cells is just excellent. Had two really long rubs back to back, starting to work out some ace synergies.


I wish it ran a little better on the switch but for what it is it’s just perfectly designed.

The animation & combat feels amazing, the runs are just long enough and the difficulty high enough without being cheap and every run rewards you with working towards unlocking something.

One of the best roguelikes ever


Find it that arousing do you?