Nintendo Switch - Super Smash Bros Direct 1st Nov


ah, this has done me


Just putting the quote in if the-breacher changes it.


Also, I made it to a boss! And died.


Same. I had the cunt on the ropes, too, and then I got greedy.


I had the kicky boots and wish I had a decent bow.

Anyone a mssive wuss who uses a shield? (should I be using a shield?)


you on about the concierge guy on the bridge?


Yes, that is the one


This is probably the one game I can play on the TV with Mrs Z around. I’ve had it downloaded for over a month waiting to be able to play!


I’ve found the bow to by absolute wank early on but it would have been really useful then. I had frost grenades and wolf traps so had the bastard properly locked down, but still needed to get in close and dodge. If I’d had the bow it would have been a piece of piss.


I’ve beaten them a couple of times, best strats have been:

. get two of those cutter blade things and lay them out, patiently jump over him

. best though was getting a huge sword and just getting right up in his face, just dodge around him when he swipes. Took him down really quick with the broadsword


You can do cool stuff like parrying the pink wankers’ bombs back at them.


got to the castle once and let me tell you that shit is insane!




The Castle had me beat within seconds :frowning:


Exceedingly so!


there’s like some spear dudes there who will hit you vertically and horizontally. Nightmare!


I’ve finally beaten the boss on the bridge twice - the second time was super simple. I had two of the same weapons which you can drop on the floor and they shoot at up to two enemies. So they just shoot the hell out of him whilst I jump or roll about away from him, and then I revel in the glory.
I died quickly afterwards at the next level, but will have a second attempt of the next level this evening, after beating the boss this morning.

I’ve not been using the shield since my first run through, but maybe I’ll experiment with it again sometime.


I think having the option of the bow might be more useful? The various flying arseholes are quite awkward without ranged attacks.


I think I have Dead Cells related addiction issues. Haven’t made it past bridge bastard yet. He’s hammered me three times now.

Never really played a rogue-like before but this game is just :ok_hand:

Don’t know about anyone else but it feels so fluid that I end up wanting to maintain momentum and end up speeding through things and then getting mullered. My best runs so far are where I’ve forced myself to slow down and be more cautious. Which is no surprise really.


if the game is randomly generated how come you all get to this bridge guy?

or is it case of having to go through 4 random rooms/dungeons, to get to the bridge?