Nintendo Switch - Super Smash Bros Direct 1st Nov


From what I’ve played each “area” is fixed, so there’s a sewer level, castle ramparts etc, but the layout of them, the enemies etc. changes each time.

So it would go something like:

Area A > Area B or C (depending on which “direction”) you go

Area B or C > Area D

Area D > Bridge guy

But the areas aren’t structured the same way each time.

Don’t know if I’ve explained that very well.


Yeah certain sections and where they are roughly on the map seem fixed, but your path and enemy encounters en route vary each time.


Just got the concierge to <20% and then he did me, the twat.

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That TripAdvisor review is going to be SCATHING



Also once you unlock certain permanent upgrades you can jump from area A to area G and follow a different but parallel route to the bosses (every three stages a boss comes)

I’m absolutely loving this game.

Had some great runs and have bettered three different bosses via various routes (The eyeball one is cool!).

The castle is my stumbling block. Fuck that place.



Dragonball Fighter z demo is pretty great.


Forgot Okami opens with 20 minutes of cutscenes.



I’d kind of be disappointed in Nintendo if they weren’t experimenting with it at least. I’m surprised they’ve actually put something in the firmware though.


It’s a really good game


Really into Dragonball but reckon it’ll be full of try hard pros online. Blowing my mind that it looks just like/better than the anime but on Switch!


I cant remember if the game has ranked or not or what the match making is like but I’ve heard its pretty good if I recall



Hadn’t really been paying attention to releases or sales for a while but skimmed this thread and the e-shop today and I’ve got Okami, Bulb Boy and Dragon Ball Z beta downloading, for less than £20. Love the Switch




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In unrelated news, I’m off for a lie down.


I am really properly crap at Dead Cells

… unless you’re meant to die in which case I have mastered the game