Nintendo Switch - Super Smash Bros Direct 1st Nov


I’ve been mostly speed running a bit through the first few levels, just to get the bonuses behind the times doors. Although occasionally I might become a bit underprepared at times.

I just tried the daily challenge. I don’t think I’ll be trying it again in a hurry - I might need to wait until I get a lot better/complete the game, whenever that might be!


Am I right in thinking it’s twenty five quid this dead cells thing? All the chat on here makes me very tempted but it’s not the kind of thing I usually play…


I have never played dead cells


I am tempted but it seems like a lot of clams.

Should probably play more hollow knight first but I find it hard to play that sporadically and it would be my dear that dead cells would be similarly difficult to dip in and out of.


Yeah, was cheaper before but about £25 now.

Again in the ‘couldn’t be less my kind of thing camp’ but it’s fucking brilliant.


Just kicked the living crap out of the clock boss geezer who handed my arse back to me yesterday. Got to the castle for the first time. Jesus, that place is hard. Managed to unlock one of the two doors to the throne room before dying too.

I’m definitely better with a heavy skills rollout. Jump in - drop traps - run away.

Same here. Not sure what you’re into but I tend to prefer story-led, adventurey kind of stuff, but this thing properly has its claws into me.


Joined the dead cells hype. Pretty cheesed that I killed the archer for the rune and then went and died almost instantly making progress so much slower. But that’s life


I finally decided not to zoom through, and instead beat the tough monster in the Toxic Sewer place, which is very recommended if anyone hasn’t done that yet. I’m now in a new area I’ve not been to before, and am having one of those games where I’m somehow surviving on 5% of my energy. (my Switch then went to 5% battery, so I’m letting it charge now!)

Something else I stupidly belatedly realised. In the Inbetween sections, I kept thinking that you had to keep spending your money on the weapon modifications to keep upgrading. But no, I think they are just random changes, which may or may not be better, but keep increasing in money. I think I’ll suddenly have some money left over now!



Just got stomped by the last boss of Dead Cells.

I was shooting lightning out of my hands that did 10,000dps!!!


I’d forgotten Undertale was supposed to be coming to Switch. Finally dated!


You’re doing well. I’ve hit a wall and can’t get past the Clock Tower…


Daft Overcooked 2 question - is it possible to change characters in the story mode or are you stuck with being the mice? Can’t seem to figure it out.


I can do the clock tower and the boss after, but haven’t gotten past the next level yet. Although I’ve recently gone back and gotten some earlier runes/powers, so have been exploring a couple of other earlier different levels. I think after my next go I should finally have four health flasks, which should help!


Is that the hand of the king?
I made it to him yesterday and he absolutely ruined me!


Yep! Gonna be a while before I beat it


not played 2 yet but in 1 you could do it before the start of every stage :confused:


Gotta go back to the title menu screen each time you wanna change character. I’ve no idea why they’ve done this.

Also no restart level option when you wanna try and nail it - have to go back out into the map and then back in. Seems very stupid.


hopefully they’ll patch in a change for this :frowning:


Surely?! Can someone link them to this thread?


Have downloaded the octopath demo to see what the fuss is about and started the game as the hunter with the wolf.

Can anyway tell me if they speaketh in this cod archaic manner for the whole game? It maketh me wanteth to throweth my switch out the window.