Nintendo Switch - Super Smash Bros Direct 1st Nov


Back to it. Hopefully some surprises still lurk within.


What has leaked/been revealed since it was announced and subsequently postponed?


Civ 6 would have been a real surprise and the Mega Man 11 “demo is available now” would have been cool.
I guess Crystal Chronicles remaster and a few other bits from TGS would have been included too.

Also the online date is now officially the 19th and you can get a week trial from the eShop upon launch.


To add to this, the Yoshi game’s name, Crafted World, apparently leaked, as did a Smash console bundle.

I am going to say that they announce a Smash Global Test Fight or some shit, on the same day NSO launches.



I’m sure there are other bits too, but obviously delaying the direct was the right decision.

I’d be all in so fucking hard for a test Smash.


more details on streets of rage 4 and announcement of Yuzo Koshiro’s involvement please?


Think there’ll be a repair backlog as soon as cloud saves are enabled? I have been patiently waiting to backup my data before sending my Switch off to have a few niggles repaired. I can’t be the only one.


So now that the direct is tomorrow at 11pm, we all going to Kart from 10pm tomorrow aye?


I’m in yeah


Great! This was one of the games from the last gen I missed and wanted to play. Strange they’re releasing this over New ‘n’ Tasty! though


If a mod could update thread title to reflect new MK and Direct times thatd be great.


Believe its already out on mobile so the hardwork is done. Its not lile the other oddworld games. Its a weird blenf of action platformer and fps and tis great


Yeah, I know it’s not your usual Oddworld platformer, but since I like the world I’ve always wanted to give it a go


I am playing Human Fall Flat and I nearly snapped my Switch in two last night out of sheer despair at it’s deliberately shite controls.


:grimacing: :frowning_face:


be cautious of physics based games




I hope the Nintendo direct is fun tonight, despite the fact that I probably won’t buy anything. Just want some smiling Japanese man to tell me everything is going to be ok.


I think it’s going to be great. It’s a pity a few things have leaked but that’s okay. A good bit of info about the online and a couple of surprises will do the world of good.

Everyone for Mario Kart at 10pm then?