Nintendo Switch - Super Smash Bros Direct 1st Nov


will probably be the last time we get to play because it’s going to cost money from next week :’(


You can sign up for a free week at least.
I know the internet is buzzing with fanboy fury but compared to the price of Xbox and PSone online £17.99 a year including a bunch of classic games with added online features is okay for me at least.
Stuff like Fortnite is always free - it’d be good if you could setup a DiS lobby and just have all us DiSers in a Battle Royale scenario.


reckon I’m gonna sell Mario Kart to CEX while I can still get £20 for it


What other games have you got?
Probably better to sell off a single player game you’re unlikely to touch again for the forseeable and fund the online for a year and enjoy the 20+ classic games it brings too?


There’ll probably be some fun blue sky cute characters games in the mix with an excitable happy voiceover, don’t worry!



Yoku’s Island Express has just been reduced to £9.59!


only got that, Odyssey and Zelda physical. Can’t bring myself to sell Zelda


mmm might be time to bite! thanks x


Odyssey maybe? Once youve collected all the moons its all a bit aimless/lifeless whereas in Zelda theres always something to muck around with.


yeah, I would sell my 3DS/Vita but that’s a bit of a faff as you have to come back at an appointed time for them to check the hardware etc


What about the 3ds/Vita games?


I sold all those already


When I did my Wii U and stuff last year, I just left it for them to do whenever and came back a couple of days later to sort out the money.


my nearest one is a 30 minute drive away though so I have to get a lift over there. Would have got rid of my PS4 by now if it was closer


That Yokus demo was eye wateringly grin inducing.


I got lost in it and just kept covering the same ground when I was dipping in so binned it off. was fun up to that point though.


Right then. Mario Kart?


I’m in!


(how does this work?)


I’m in the DiS invitational?