Nintendo Switch - Super Smash Bros Direct 1st Nov




Animal crosssssing!


That was a very strong showing, even though a few bits had been leaked AND the online offering was glossed over yet again.


That was so much better than E3…


Glorious. So much to look forward to!


If all that had been shown at e3 the gaming press would have creamed themselves.
Fucking love Nintendo!


Unless you like cars and guns and open worlds.


sorry for your loss


Am I missing something?

Most of that was crap or just more remasters/ports of wiiu games


You are wrong in my opinion.


Youre missing a lot? They anounced… 2ports of wii u games?


FF mobile games, a £60 port of Diablo 3, two ports of pc games you should never want to play on a handheld in cities skylines and civ 6.


Glad you lot all loved it. I’ve never played Animal Crossing before, so I’ve no idea if I’ll like it. I never got on with Stardew Valley, so I suspect not.

Didn’t actually do that much for me on first watch, and the stuff I do fancy all said 2019. 3rd party support was good but, again, not quite the stuff I’d hoped for. But was definitely their best Direct in ages.

I’ll probably be playing Dark Souls for the 5 months after it comes out anyhow…


You what? Thise kind of world building games are ideal for a portable form factor


Stardew and AC are very different games to my mind, even though the basic premise might look similar on the face of it. Not even sure I can explain why though!


I’m not an animal crossing player but there was a lot there in a variety of genres. Plus for me once Smash is out I’ll be well into that for ages.


I really think your lack of supplementary console is mak8ng you yern over ganes all of us are fed up with so thats why we are so excited


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