Nintendo Switch - Super Smash Bros Direct 1st Nov


I’d love to see that quote on the game box.


Haven’t played Animal Crossing since GameCube (got a little NES game on the complimentary memory card… mine was Excitebike). Named my village “Albarn” lol.

Looking forward to the playing the new one as the original was very basic and a little rough (was a N64 holdover iirc) and have only heard good things since.


There’s plenty of text on civ6 that’s too small to be ideal on a big pc monitor when it comes to all the civil cards and their bonuses etc. Can’t imagine trying to read all that on the switch screen


Theyve already adapted it to tablets


I see what you’re saying, but it’s more that I was hoping for a new Pikmin tease, a remastered racing game like F-Zero GX, Mario Odyssey DLC, a reason to revisit MK8 when the online service launches or even a new Wii Sports. Not after Assassin’s Creed or COD or anything, just favour the Nintendo back catalogue that they tend to neglect. I get why. The upcoming titles sell loads more. I will try Animal Crossing though and see what the fuss is about, next year.

Smash and Mario Party aren’t my bag. Played NSMBU. Like one meaty RPG a year but struggle to get through more than that.

2019 is my year I reckon. There are loads of things coming that are right up my street. 2018… Not so.


And it’s bound to be a worse experience there, no way they are going to charge full price on the App Store either


Yeah I agree. Lots of genres catered for.


Played thru FFVII about 5 times in my youth and in recent years played the entire game on a PlayStation from an exercise bike in 2014 and downloaded the iOS version that I’ve never played and pre ordered the PS4 remaster that will never come out but I will 100% be downloading the Switch version and playing it with headphones turned up load on the tube.


They probably missed a trick not having Mario out in time foe Xmas maybe.


… but they did release it at around 60 bucks iirc…


On an iPad? Wow ok




yeah… that U Deluxe could / should have come out between Party and Pokemon to push some extra Xmas sales


Why not play it on pc though?


For that new version to be good, they best scrap lives and every death kicking you out of the level, into a death animation and back to the level select screen. EVERY. TIME. YOU. DIE.

It nearly stopped me playing it, especially given how insanely hard some of the end levels are.

  1. Not everyone has a pc
  2. Its turn based making a great break game/travel game
  3. Im growing a dislike of playing games at a desk
  4. For thise with familes its a good game to have on the go


I mean, honestly, where is the Mario Odyssey Christmas DLC where I get to do my Christmas shopping in a snow covered New Donk City dressed as Buddy the elf?!

  1. Yeah fair
  2. I guess so but stopping and starting civ is annoying as you have to remember the plans you had for all your cities
  3. Squinting at a tiny screen and having a real zoomed in look at the map would frustrate me a lot, it’s fine for tactics games designedly on that scale like an into the breach or advance war s but civ is not designed at that’s scale.


Been a while since I played it but was there not mid level checkpoints?


Youll be tpo busy playing Warframe