Nintendo Switch - Super Smash Bros Direct 1st Nov


Really surprised they haven’t done something with that. With the disparate nature of the worlds and lack of overall theme they could definitely have created some new DLC worlds would have been a really cool way to extend the life of that game


I think so, but still recall seeing those Miiverse posts pop up repeatedly and your life counter going down. Just think in a world post-Celeste and suchlike, instant restarts are a given if you choose to make your end game that hard.


It was hard but it wasn’t overly so. It’s Mario like not Dark Souls. Luigi u is tough tbf.


I keep expecting it. They milked Smash on Wii U with a year of DLC. They put it into BOTW when it didn’t need it.

But the one game they’ve got that is crying out for it…? Nothing. Maybe they’ll do a swift Galaxy 2 like sequel in 2020.


Got a few kinda right, but mot exact. Not too bad.

Also, jesus that was a good direct. Too many fucking Final Fantasy games.


Thought that was ace.
In for FFVII & IX, Capcom Collection, Mario Bros U.
And I’m actually really looking forward to the NES games. I think for less than a score, the 29 games we will have just this year alone, are great value.


I found both hard, as I lost my rhythm so much in it. Which was a shame, as the level design is occasionally great in it. Luigi DLC was far harder.

I wonder how it’ll review and sell? 2D Mario usually flies off the shelf.


What else is left for them to remaster?

Twilight princess & wind water hd on switch
Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 on switch
Metroid primed trilogy on switch

None of these would be bad at all but it would be nice to think Nintendo is working on some new stuff and we haven’t already had the two best games for the system


The 2 full games for one price is a solid deal seeing as how you and I are the only people in the world who bought a wiiu :joy:


I’m looking forward to the NES games too. Never played any more of Mario 3 than the opening level. Wonder if they’ll support save states?

Did make me laugh how they made out that one of the perks of paying for this service was getting to play online. Explain that to all the less savvy families who’ve been doing that for free for the past 18 months and are about to find that ends overnight…


Ffxv pocket is live and £15.


Here are all the launch and revealed upcoming NES games for those interested.


Not much that’ll easily port.

Pikmin 3, Metroid Prime Trilogy and Mario Maker all have controls that’ll be tricky.

Super Mario 3D World is the only other obvious one. They’ll save that for summer 2019 before the investors meeting


If they can keep indie release dates concurrent with pc and relative price parity, that’s really where the switch shines. Hollow knight by all accounts runs great on there, I don’t really mind the performance issues with dead cells and hopefully they will patch it.

Blurry lo-res versions of other triple A games a year later for full price, not so much


Great list. Ninja gaiden for xmas


Oh I thought the first two metroid primes were standard controller fps on the GameCube?

an original xenoblade chronicles remastered would tempt me but that’s just a pipe dream


Out on xmas day, announced by Reggie in a Santa Suit on Christmas Eve


They were on GC, not in the Trilogy collection. All motion controls.


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey cloud version coming to Japan, but not here…?



Ah ok. Who knows then (probably not)