Nintendo Switch - Super Smash Bros Direct 1st Nov


Square Enix really do love Nintendo again.
It’ll be cool to get to play 7 on Nintendo finally.


Until they port Chocobo racing, I say they’re still sitting on the fence…


Btw, saw a reviewer advising people not to buy that City Skylines (?) game on Switch just yet. Apparently it’s more or less unplayable, even docked.


As long as you can still unlock Squall as a hidden character!


That will actually be a really good fit as those old 90s pre-rendered backgrounds look real grotty blown up on a big screen. Playing them on the vita was great as the resolution didn’t matter so much


Looked really choppy from the direct footage.


Surely the assassins creed has to be a test. Surely ubi would want to get all that western cash after all. Still reckon the reu cloud was a trial as well and the re2 remake will get a cloud version world wide.


justify having Cloud in Smash


Rereading that Direct reveal list, definitely think there’s loads of good stuff coming 2019. Yoshi looked miles nicer for starters.


lame new smash char.




you need a fairly decent at least mid-range pc to run civ6 even at potato settings. my shite laptop could run it on lowest graphics etc but struggled to keep up in late game when everyone was at war with me (for SOME reason) and it just started crashing. u need the newest ipads to be able to run that version. i’m guessing for switch it’ll be like low pc settings where they’ll have nerfed some leader animations (which is a shame cos those are great), cos that’s what they did with xcom on ipad.


You gotta admire the balls of Nintendo. NES games? I mean holy fuck even SNES games are pushing the bounds of what is still playable/enjoyable beyond just curiosity these days. They just really like milking something don’t they.


No red dead redemption 2 :scream_cat:
burns switch :fire::video_game::fire:


Bit worrying that we haven’t heard or seen anything of Metroid Prime 4


Standard Nintendo. Everyone kept saying the same about BotW.


Just tell me honestly, give it to me straight, no sugar coating… what are the chances of another Zelda on this machine? Like a new one.


Should get a 3D one by the end of the gen. They started work on it last year. There were 2 on N64, GameCube and Wii and Switch had its first one on day one. The Wii U was an exceptional flop.

Should get a 2D one in the interim? Hoping they’ll do some sort of spinoff with the BOTW engine but that might be overly optimistic


I would be happy if they just kept churning out spinfoffs from the BOTW engine and did nothing else at all. One every 4 months.


Aye. Lest we forget, BotW is a last generation game built for the Wii U.