Nintendo Switch - Super Smash Bros Direct 1st Nov


Also starting to get fucked off with Dead Cells. Hour long runs to get killed by the Hand of the King over and over again. I can waltz through to him but just can’t finish him off, the twat. Can get him to his final phase and about 5% and then snuff it.

Must kill him!


Yeah, I’ve not played Dead Cells in a while - not too hard to get up to the big boss, but then die helplessly against him, and don’t fancy another hour long game to get back to him. Although I guess mainly I haven’t played it after moving on to Hollow Knight, so it will be strange to go back to DC now I think.


Sky Rogue is 30% off now.


Cities Skyline, Civ and FFVII will do me very nicely indeed.


Town looked bloody lovely didn’t it?


yeah, I just feel that however you slice it it’s a bad platform for that kind of game.


Still totally buzzing about Katamari. Hmm.

I notice that on the direct it showed the eshop logo on the final slide for Katamari, which isn’t shown on the US version. Assume that means it’ll be download only over here but available at retail elsewhere. Anyone got a good recommendation for US game imports?


other people may feel differently and purchase the game


Just use amazon US?


Shit! Cities Skyline is out now as well! Got that downloading now ready for when I get in, what a lovely payday treat!


I’m in the same boat. In fact, I’m in a bit of a gaming rut right now.

Since Inside, Sexy Brutale just irritated me, Dead Cells was amazing for 10 hours then I hit the wall you’re at and Human Fall Flat is probably the most frustrating game I’ve played since The Lucky Dime Caper on the Master System.

Playing Picross 24/7 to calm me down and may just bail on all of those. Used to persevere with games I hated just to say I’d seen their end. Now? Life is too short.


that’s of course their choice.

Don’t know why everyone has to love everything Nintendo does though, they’re a shit company like any other.


you’re shit company

edit: safety wink


I laughed out loud when the price of those NES controllers flashed up :rofl: Still, they looked cool attached to the Switch.


fairly low but not impossible. Probably 25%


I wouldn’t bother editing that in


that was ridiculous, they’re too tall for the switch anyway.


Very good I think. No one had seen what the ‘mobile/portable’ Zelda team has been working on and the dlc was likely put together by a fraction of the main team as all the assets were already in place. I reckon a new main Zelda for Xmas 2020 and possibly a 2d or spinoff one before then.


Tempted to just buy one of these kits and convert my Nes mini controller:


That Capcom Collection is 20 USD, which is a bloody good price vs the ACA reissues.
I do love a good side scrolling beat em up. Plus more compatible games for my Hori stick.