Nintendo Switch - Super Smash Bros Direct 1st Nov


Aye its on UK eshop now for £15.99.
Anyone played Final Fantasy 15 Pocket? Worth £15?


Even better!


it was released at $30 before going up. bet they don’t do that this time tho cos nindendobux


I played it for a bit on my phone, seemed like a pretty neat spin on the “normal” version of the game but it didn’t run well on my phone and I’d only just finished the normal game so gave up on it because of that.

I reckon if you haven’t played the normal version and don’t have another console where you could get that for half the price instead I think, then it’s probably worth it


Its only £15, is FFXV really going sub £7.50 already? :neutral_face:



Hand of the King DEAD!

Took a legendary double cross-o-matic, VI-S double cross-o-matic and legendary pyrotechnics (and an unused legendary balanced blade).


quick look on Google says that Game are selling it used for £8. looks like you can get it sub £15 new in some places too.


Wait… Does anything change or are you just straight back in?


Was it a flop then?


you can now detach your head into a big long blob of snot and get some secret blueprints!


yeah I did that and had no idea why it was happening!


Just thinking back to the end of last night’s Direct. Am I wrong in thinking that 5 years ago, Nintendo would have done the Isabelle announcement at the end of their direct and left it at that thinking it was a big deal and ended up bemused at everyone being pissed at them?

It feels like they’ve largely (not always) got a lot smarter with how they structure their Directs in recent years and the Smash E3 one aside tend to find a way of hitting the right note at the end.


Yeah they’ve definitely tightened them up a lot. They’ve really become an event of note now though and even if everyone isn’t always 100% excited about everything they do cause a lot of buzz and get everyone talking about Switch.
It’s just a shame Iwata couldn’t enjoy the fruits of his labours.


think it sold a lot, but then will have got traded in a lot hence the low prices. I played it a year or so after release and liked it, but I know that they’d updated it a lot to improve things that were meant to be annoying on day 1 (for example, there’s a chapter that was meant to be awful so they patched it to make it better - I only played the patched version and found it annoying so god knows what it was like originally) so would imagine some people got annoyed with it and traded it in before these patches came out.

I thought it was good. definitely not the best FF, but a good game nonetheless.


I lent FFIX to a mate and he lost one of the discs so I’ve never replayed it. Looking forward to that.

Otherwise, pretty good Direct for fun Nintendo fluff, pretty bad one for srs bsns gaming titles


New Super Mario Bros is ugly as fuck isn’t it?


I mean, you’re right in many ways, but I really hate this image being perpetuated; it just reinforces the idea that Nintendo games are only for kids and adults should only play gritty action/adventure and shooters. Each to their own and all that, innit.

The whole NSMB franchise has always been a bit iffy really. I played the first one on DS, but never felt the need to get another. It’s not bad, just doesn’t feel special in the way you expect Mario games to feel, and yeah there’s something a bit off about the look.


Sonic 4 versus Sonic Mania innit. Do a bit art version of it and I’m sold.

Tbh I’m sold anyway. Haha


I know and in most ways I agree with you, in general I’d rather play Nintendo’s lovingly crafted fluff than generic action/shooters. But Mario Odyssey and BOTW challenged the preconception you mentioned – that Nintendo games couldn’t both be warm and fuzzy and have cutting edge, engaging gameplay. I love stuff like Mr Toad, Yoshi’s Crafted World etc. and Nintendo always make them incredibly well, but you know that ultimately they’re unlikely to provide you a deep experience, or more than about 10-15 hours of gameplay.


Oddly, I think you might be onto something there… it might be that the momentum and physics felt a bit wrong for 2D Mario more than anything else.