Nintendo Switch - Super Smash Bros Direct 1st Nov


Daemon x Machina looks pretty srs to me ‘bros’.


In Mario Maker it was the most hated graphical style for me.
Mario 3 graphics all the way.


that one could yet pull it out of the bag and fair play, they’re clearly trying to develop a new srs bsns IP there


I think Switch is fine between stuff like that,Travis Strikes Back, Doom Eternal etc all coming.
Fully expect GTA5 to launch at some point on Switch and do well too.


Kind of relieved that there was nowt in the direct for me, already too many games for me to keep up with. I’m still over here playing Skyrim, STILL meaning to get Mario + Rabbids also.


The Gold version of Mario/Rabbits is starting to look very good value now.


Not a single game?


Nope, nothing. But that’s probably partly because there’s so much there already that stuff has to look incredible to get me interested.


The Starfox bits of Starlink look great.
Time will tell if it plays great but if it does… Nintendo should just let Ubi have a go at a full on Starfox game.


Well there’s nothing like an embarrassment of riches eh.
Glad you’re having a great time with it :slight_smile:


yeah but i want great games only with fluffy nintendo characters!



I’ve finally just played the demo and enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. Will buy it now it’s on sale!


Is there no artform that Corgan can’t conquer?


Do it!
Ultimately quite a slight game, but a fantastic ride while it lasts and just a genius idea that deserves support.


So you want a violent shooting game starring a furry mascot. Did you invent Shadow the Hedgehog by any chance?

  1. Never existed.
  2. Jet fuel can’t melt mechs.


I’ve read some really polarising previews of this game. From ‘its the game No man’s sky should have been’ to ‘its a mess with limited combat’. But I desperately hope its good as an epic space combat game would fill my time nicely. Plus those sections in Starfox Zero were ace.


I think this direct basically confirmed my next two purchases. Mario+Rabbids (now down to a good price again) and Skyrim. I need some meat and not much I’m bothered about coming up soon. Man, I’d really quite like a ps4/xbox, some good stuff on there I want to play but ££ :frowning:

The disappointing thing for me is that the lineup for the first 9 months was stellar and I genuinely thought it would continue in a similar manner. What is coming is fine IF there were a couple of big hitters to look forward to but we got a Metroid reveal at last years e3 and nothing since. I’m going to assume it’ll be there next year as the main game and come out in time for christmas, which will be 2 years on from Odyssey.


Just bought it, so looking forward to playing through it.

I’ve also added Bastion to my Watch List, but will wait for a sale and see if I’m tempted then.


Anyone bought Into The Breach? It is absolutely brilliant. Initially seems quite straightforward but actually very deep turn based strategy game. Loads of different strategies and pilots/mechs/upgrades to unlock, get quite into the little stories too. Great to play in little bursts too. Basically everyone buy it now.