Nintendo Switch - Super Smash Bros Direct 1st Nov


think I would like smash bros more if it wasn’t so stupid.


in many ways the N64 one was my favourite


Thats a really good video


Brilliant documentary series:


Not seven mates, but my brothers both have switches, so £20 a year between three of us is fine. Even though it’s only the youngest brother who will use online regularly.

I only bought my switch last week after a year of trying to justify the price while also saving up for a house. Just got Zelda at the moment, got Golf Story lined up cos of all the good stuff I’ve read here. Will probably get Mario Kart and Smash for my multiplayer fix.

I am dying a lot in Zelda though, more so than in any other game in that series.


It improves pretty quickly, then becomes too easy by the end. Nevertheless once over that initial baby in a bear pit shock it remains fun throughout



Short version, don’t do it with with an admin you don’t completely trust or might fall out with.


Thanks - that’s really helpful. Hopefully would be ok with my brothers but worth bearing in mind for when setting up especially.


Seems like the Direct split opinion on a few podcasts I listen to. IGN NVC seem to regard it as probably the best Direct ever if you overlook the spoiled surprises due to the delay, IGN UK seem to think it represents the weaker Nintendo franchises and once again featured some weak, unoptimised third party ports.

Top 5 things you liked from it? Mine were:

  1. Daemon X Machina footage
  2. Starfox chunk of Starlink
  3. Luigi’s Mansion 3 announcement
  4. Katamari Damacy REROLL
  5. The new Yoshi footage


For me.

  • Final Fantasy VII for the first time on a platform I own, meaning I get it and see if it really is as good as they say.
  • New Super Mario Bros U DX. For me, this is day one. I loved NSMB on the DS but that’s the only one I have ever played. This is absolutely a purchase, a d Nintendo know it.
  • Starfox in Starlink looks impressive. If this is a ba kdoor Lylatwars sequel I’m in.
  • Cities Skylines is also a purchase, but a few weeks away I’d say. I need a city sim and not played a half decent one since Sim City Deluxe on my iPad 2 which runs like dogshit.
  • Civ VI too. Oh boy.


I found it basically unplayable on Steam, having never played it before. I think nostalgia does some pretty heavy lifting with this one.


I did wonder this. I mean, Shenmue to me is a classic but even I know it is borderline unplayable today.


I was surprised to find it such a struggle, given that I’m fine with playing SNES JRPGs on an emulator. Just could not get on with it at all.


I can very much see this being the case


Got Cities Skylines on Fri and it seems fun but I have found myself getting a bit irked by how intangible some of the building elements are, it’s really difficult to tell if you’ve properly linked up a pipe or a power line or whatever


Guess I won’t bother then. Thanks for ruining it for me.

Tried to play a bit of Metroid on the mini SNES at the weekend. Packed that in pretty quick.


Funny way to say thank you for saving you £40 or whatever nonsense amount it’s going to cost.


I said thanks, what the fuck do you want? (no handjobs)