Nintendo Switch - Super Smash Bros Direct 1st Nov


jesus Zelda is just so massive


Celeste is a percisson platformer with wonderful use of depression and anxiety. Guacamelee is a combat focued metroidvania with luchadors and chickens. Itll do fine


Drinking the bleach again, Ducky?




Och, I dunno.


Overcooked 2 is now 20% off, so I’ll purchase that to play at some point.

Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime is also on sale again, and is a great one player or cooperative player game. Still going through that and trying to complete it/collect all the space rabbits.


The back half of Guacamelee is pretty similar in that you have to chain together various jumps and moves to navigate screens of traps. Always felt the games were very close to each other in that respect.


Some pretty good deals on the eShop at the moment. The Binding of Isaac is half price, been waiting ages for any kind of discount so definitely getting it. The End is Nigh, Cave Story and Ikaruga all on sale too.


Starlink gettong some very positive reviews but a bunch of ho hum ones.


The good news is you dont appear to need to use the toys. Also apparently the star fox content is a blast. Seems like a decent space sim


I really want to get it but have been burned by so many Ubisoft games I’ve bought being half price within a month.

When this and South Park Fractured But Whole are £25, I’m in.


sounds like @Mistersteve has had a go over the menu theme for ultimate :smiley:


They’re on a roll at the moment. They keep putting out these videos too which are absolutely marvellous.


that odyssey song was the best thing about that game imo.


I had The Binding Of Isaac on my watch list for some reason, so will have a Google / YouTube to remind myself of what it was. Will also have a look at those other games!


Anyone here who pre-ordered Dark Souls from Base or Simplygames received it yet or had it dispatched? Still showing as Pending for me, so may cancel it and buy it digitally tonight.


btw if anyone wants to get switch online, there’s a family plan for 32 quid a year, covering 8 accounts. me and a few of my mates just did this.


when’s smash out again?


December 7th, my man.


bet you’re well excited.

I’m a bit jealous