Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


I picked up a power a joycon grip from Asda for £9. Significantly more comfortable than the standard, has a textured finish so it has a grip and also the grips are moulded like the PS4 and feel way more substantial and natural to hold. I highly recommend for the price, it’s officialy licenced by Nintendo.


FFS. Region free my left bollock


MK8dx is awesome ain’t it



Add me.


Rabbids getting some great word of mouth praise from people whose game arrived a couple of days early. Due to the Bank Holiday I suspect mine won’t be here until late Tuesday or Wednesday, but can’t wait! Reviews go live tomorrow mid afternoon I think.


Review embargo lifts today, but like you say I’m hearing good things from those who got it early.
I ordered directly from Ubisoft for 20% off, which I now hugely regret. It saved like 2 quid vs Amazon, but I have to deal with some horrible shipping company and the game is currently somewhere in Germany.
Bah, I have no time to play this week really anyway.


Silly billy :stuck_out_tongue:


Not far through, but I’m enjoying it so far. Difficult to judge at this stage, but good fun!


Reviews are out and positive


Anyone else like playing with separate stick controllers? It feels like my hands have been freed after a lifetime of being glued together on a controller. I know that plenty of people said fuck this I’m buying a pro-controller straight away so I guess I’m in the minority


It’s not for me but some people really love being able to do that. It’s great for people with disabilities/injuries who are unable to hold a traditional controller mind you.


Can’t work out if this is an un-PC dig at me ducky :wink:

Seriously though, started out using the grip but increasingly cba with it. Feels great slouched on the couch arms apart. If I’m getting serious I’ll get the grip out but otherwise fuck it.


Nah. I just think it’s neat there is a controller design which, whether directly or indirectly, takes into consideration with those unable to use conventional controllers comfortably.


I was just being silly, I agree with you :slight_smile:


Ace, gonna sell Splatoon and buy this


I do loads. It’s why I loved the Wii so much too. Very relaxing way to play and forces me to hunch over a lot less.


Aye, guess the nunchuck and Wiimote system was a very similar concept but I never really took to it in the same way. One of the many aspects taken but greatly improved upon from the Wii and Wii U


Thanks to @cowtipping for the tip. Just ordered it for next day delivery for 34.99 :smiley:


Haven’t played switch for about a month due to uni work, and it’s being super weird. Refusing to go above 30% charge despite charging all the time, and one of the joy cons is just a brick now. Gonna have to call nintendo but a bit worried about losing all my saves.


Re: charging problems

Re: Joycon - Common problem that they stop working. I think you need to get a new one from Nintendo? My left controller has been a bit buggy since I got it too. Mainly the L trigger stops working, which in MK is death