Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


Guyyyyys Luigi dabs in Mario Rabbids


Well this game is just delightful isn’t it


I love the look of it but i dunno for some reason I have an irational feeling I shouldn’t spend £40 on a weird novelty spin-off mario game.


'novelty spin off’

It’s a really chill turn based RPG. It’s a lot of fun and stressless version of Xcom.


Well Mario + rabids kingdom battle is about the most unappealing title ever.

Does look good though, hopefully it might go on sale one day.


I wouldn’t no. Still hasn’t arrived… :frowning:


Nindies showcase today 6pm


This pitch has intrigued me a lot

"Unveiled as part of today’s Switch Nindies Showcase, Travis Strikes Again features the No More Heroes star being confronted in his trailer by TKTK, only to be pulled into the game he was playing — Hotline Miami.

A partnership between developer Grasshopper Manufacture and various indie developers will delve into six different games and beat their respective bosses"


Really impressed with the showing today. Can’t wait to see how the No More Heroes game turns out. The cel shaded one where you turn in to animals looked very interesting, also will consider Kentucky Route Zero.


Kentucky Route Zero is great… only been waiting several years for the full game to come out, glad they’ve finally got the 5th and final chapter ready to go and it’ll be coming to console.


Polybridge also looked quite charming. The little elephant game was cute but the gameplay looked horrifically slow.


Steam World Dig 2 looks great as well, first game was pretty great, will be ideal on a portable system.

Out in aa few weeks ^.^


Pretty sure polybridge has already had a decent reception on PC in early access


Excited for polybridge, used to play this all the time when I was meant to be doing IT classes in school:


Really enjoyed the first couple of hours of Rabbids, it’s so charming and the animations and design are fantastic.

I’ve never excelled at these types of game and doubt I ever will, but the gameplay is really easy to get to grips with and I feel like in the first world it’s already open to a lot of different approaches. Even though they aren’t hard to find going through the tunnels to find coins is deeply satisfying.


I like the downtime, its super chill.

Also this game gets pretty difficult pretty quick huh? That caught me by surprise. The game has so much damn energy to it that every single second of it is a joy though, even when you get smoked.


Some of those Indies look great fun. No More Heroes was essentially a terrible open world combat game saved by loads of fun mini games, a sense of style and some of the best boss battled ever. So the new Travis game sounds fucking spot on.


I hope it has some elements of No More Heroes gameplay as opposed to just being an indie game best of. I’m sure it’ll be cool regardless.


Me too. I loved the combat for the bosses. It just never worked as well with all the stooges. They simply lined up for a beating and rarely threatened. Hope you still have to sit on a bog to save your game.


They ported No More Heroes to Xbox at one point didn’t they? I’d happily take that hd version ported to Switch anytime.