Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


Yeah I think they did. Can imagine it was a bit average without the Wii controls though.


Hd graphics with option to use the joycon would be pretty great :grin:


So, Mario Rabbids is pretty damn good. The difficulty is ramping up nicely, and I can see me going back more OP to grab perfect ratings.
It baffles me how this game even came to be a concept let alone make it to release, but so far I am very glad it did.
It is just packed full of charm and even the Rabbids aren’t pissing me off. Music is a delight too.


Completed Splatoon 2 single player last night. Kept dying on the final boss until it eventually said, ‘you do know you can upgrade your weapons, don’t you?’. Then did it more or less first time. That bit of knowledge would have made that last world IMMENSELY easier. Fun campaign, though not as endearing as the originals in my book.


Re: dock alternative/backup
Reasonably priced alternative discussed here and link to product within:


Love the miniboss music, feel really bad when Mario or oen of my rabbids gets knocked out


Will let some people crash test these before I dive in. Wouldn’t want to do anything that harms the battery


Super Meat Boy 2 o has me insanely excited


I just want the first one to come out, perfect game for the Switch.
Golf Story looked great too.


Yeah the music is epic. Same guy who did all the Donkey Kong stuff I believe.

Really loving this so far.


Aye. First one is definitely the best platformer this millennium and quite probably of all time.

Still never completed the Dark world.


gonna try and tackle my battery issue, just turned it on now and left it on the home screen, watched it go from fully charged to dropping 1% every 5 seconds or so. Lurking on some forums rn who reckon it’s a firmware issue caused by an update, so I’m going to try their nerdy fix and then finally get online for MK8!


Guys, there’s a new 3D Mario that builds on Mario 64 out in a month. BEYOND EXCITED.


Reckon I should be pre-ordering this? £42 on Amazon.


Hi can anyone confirm whether or not there is a waluigi rabbid in the new game cheers



I haven’t yet. Probably ought to. But wonder if I’ll always want it on the system, so may go digital.


Ohmygod buying a swiitch I bet there’s some in stock at my local video games store!!


whaddya know…


My Sainsbury’s had some at the weekend. I was pretty surprised.