Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


Wait… for real? I not played much as been at EOTR but I hope so :smiley:


Just grabbed it on Amazon too.
Digital will be at least 50 quid.
I really wish the price variant between physical and digital was the other way round. It would be great to have a purely digital library but paying more while losing the potential to trade just doesn’t sit right.


Yeah. I have been swayed digitally with the Switch. I always planned on buying physical only, for price and retail value. But the Switch, more than any other console, is really portable. I just can’t be doing with taking truckload of carts with me everywhere. It’s great to have it all on there.

At the same time, a lot of the best games are cheap digital only affairs anyway.


a quick google says it’s unconfirmed dlc?


Dunno if this counts a spoiler, but it’s a boss fight in the game apparently. Haven’t played it yet, myself


I do wish I got Mario Kart digitally. I can’t envisage a time where I don’t what that with me.


Completed the first world of Rabbids. Think I’ll go back and do it straight over so I really get in to the swing of things, still making silly and avoidable mistakes. Also want to level up all my attributes so I’m stupid strong.

I really enjoy the light exploration elements, almost as much as I enjoy the battles. This is probably the best Switch exclusive I’d say.

Hero Sight is so satisfying, especially when you nail a mid-air rabbid.


Hero Sight is even more awesome when you add additional shots per use and up the power. So satisfying.

I’m away with work all week and the Switch has truly been a joy. My flight passed in a flash playing MK8 and Spectre Knight (completed it last night, also brilliant though prefer Shovel).
After a full day delivering training I’m a bit too wiped to bother sightseeing, but chilling in my hotel with the Switch is the perfect wind down. Love this machine.


I did the same thing. Some of the Challenges in World 1 are really cool. Make you tackle the level in completely different ways. One latter level has me scratching my head as to how it’s vaguely doable in one turn!


Mario x Rabbids is just such a wonderful game for this system. I’m nearing the end of world 2 and the difficulty is really ramping up, but I am getting way more creative with the ‘solutions’ as a result. Such a satisfying game to play, especially when you figure out a way to beat a level way under par.


Think I bailed on that one turn one, where you have to get to an area over the river and there’s two of those smasher things :confused: possible spoiler theory maybe don’t read- wasn’t sure if I had to level Luigi up to a double jump or something


Ah yeah, that is a clever one. I figured that out after a while and felt properly clever. I won’t say anymore but if you want a very small hint that changes the way you play that level, let me know!

There is an even more devious one later on I just don’t think I’m powered up enough to tackle just yet.


L.A. Noire on Switch!


I look forward to watching all the previews of this, getting excited for it, preordering it to support more third parties coming to Switch despite the £50 price tag and then reading the week before that it’s a 6/10 game at best, and playing something else instead.



Confirmed. 45 minutes long too. 11pm Wednesday UK time


45 minutes! Longer than E3!


Yep. Expect them to cover Mario in good depth. Maybe announce release date for next Zelda dlc. Probably give things like Fifa and Skyrim a boost too. Mention the new Metroid on 3ds this Friday too etc
Should be good.


Hope they don’t show too much Mario. I avoided everything on BOTW post-reveal trailer and I think it made it better for that reason.

Looking forward to this. Suspect there won’t be any new big Nintendo games revealed but wouldn’t be surprised to see a few ports sneak in there and more Zelda DLC info!


Yeah I’ll be zoning out for most of the Mario stuff for sure