Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


I don’t know, it’s tough to say. Hopefully my worries are unfounded and it ends up being great! I’m not usually a fan of open world stuff but I haven’t been as excited about a Zelda game since Wind Waker. Trying to protect myself from any disappointment…


If I remember right that’s been the case with a lot of Nintendo systems since the Gamecube though? The Wii especially.


The Wii was understocked for ages, although demand was probably past Nintendo’s wildest expectations - it did 4m units in the first month which I’m fairly sure at the time was the biggest launch in history. I seem to remember the bigger problem with the 3DS and Wii U on the other hand was trying to find people who wanted to buy one - the 3DS only took off at all after they slashed the price several months in and the Wii U’s woes are well chronicled.


It’s Nintendo thing, their policy is to understock to create scarcity. I think even the WiiU sold out on launch even with middling numbers, the 2nd dispatch didn’t do at all well.




I really want this, probably just going to wait for @Matt_was_taken to get one and start casually dropping by EVERY SINGLE DAY


PS4 and Xbox One sold incredibly well at approx 2million units on launch. The Wii U sold under a million and sold out. PS4 and Xbox One were incredibly popular machines, however, the Wii U, whilst pulling a respectable number, had half the orders to fulfill. It’s a trend that has continued first with the Amiibo’s and then the NES classic with numbers being supplied far outstripping demand.

It’s also worth nothing that the PS4 and Xbone were available shortly after it sold out and maintained high sales whilst the Wii U’s sales stagnated, even during the holiday period. The Wii was massively successful but had stock issues for years and given how cheap the thing was to manufacture the only rational behind it was to keep the ‘hot toy in town’ narrative alive and since then they’ve done it with everything they’ve released. #

Sell out’s happen on launch but there are countless articles about Nintendo understocking there products to create demand


I’ll read this later, but seems to me that Sony and Microsoft were doing the same thing, they just set the limit much higher because demand was much higher. In fact, given there was probably more than twice as much demand for Sony or Microsoft’s machines, they probably held back even more, proportionally


But anyways 199 - 249 I think I’ll place me pre-order


i reckon it’ll be like the new macbook prices - higher than expected


Possible. Guess it’s in competitors interest to encourage fake leaks that make it seem the launch seem disappointing


Nintendo is reeling from a poor cycle with Wii U and Sony and MS are still shifting units and have, depending what people are looking for, the stronger line up of games. It’s not like Apple where their products are carried by the brand and can charge a premium, Nintendo target the nostalgia, family, and a younger audience primarily and pricing themselves out of those 3 demographics will be a terrible idea given the competition (bearing in mind they’re also competing with smart phones now)


Throwing my hat in to the 4am watchers ring.

There’s something about a new Nintendo console which will always get me excited. Honestly it’s the closest I get to that feeling on Chirstmas Eve when you’re a kid.

Almost 100% preordering tomorrow.


the nes classis is still OOS, i don’t understand why

nintendo miss 100% of the shots they don’t take


Logically, I should totally buy a PS4. Missed PS3, have loads of friends with one, there’s a huge cheap backlog to explore, desperately want to play Bloodborne and Last Guardian… plus I’ve only really owned a Wii and Wii U for the past decade, which has often been a barren and frustrating experience.

But… IT’S NINTENDO!! Pre-ordering it the moment its available I suspect…


really don’t see the market for it. basically a raspberry pie emulator you can make at home for a few quid but only with a few games


You’re forgetting the nostalgia value in:

  1. the packaging
  2. the shape/colour
  3. the joypad

Plus, the ROMs are actually legal.


You can buy these! And design a little USB hub to look like a NES! Might do one myself as a little project


Yes, but by the time you’ve bought those, made yourself a NES case for your Raspberry PI and so on, you may as well have just bought one from Nintendo. Which leave the only reason to do it to be because you enjoy that kind of creative project rather than finding it frustrating.


You are massively, massively overestimating the tech know-how of the vast majority of people if you think a Raspberry Pi set up to play ROMs and the NES Classic are interchangeable products.