Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


Aaaah thought I’d missed something then :sweat_smile:


I highly recommend it. The codes for Majora’s Mask link were available before the figures were so got the Fierce Deity armour ‘early’. Tagmo is the app and there’s sites for the bin files of amiibos.


I’d rather have this than Virtual console (even though lots of peeps online are complaining about that). Nintendo have done a great job with the Indies and it’s clearly easy to port to. Getting Picross on the eshop and most likely Fifa physically.


If it is even one third as good as Mario Golf on the GBC, I’ll be a very happy boy.


Picross S?? I’ve been reading this thread pretty much constantly, despite not having a Switch yet, but now I’m even more tempted because I loved (and was awesome at!) the two Picross games on the ds. Hmm…


Mario Odyssey digital download for about £42:


Preordered. That’s a good price


Anyone fancy Mario Karting now?


Don’t own it in afraid, sorry!


Stardew Valley has finally been certified for release :slight_smile:


I bought one a month ago.

If you want anything answered, let me know.


Online well populated and stable?

Those tiny wee controllers are they any cop for games or is a pro controller or whatever it is pretty essential?


Depends on the game. As usual, once a game has been out for a bit, interest drops off. ARMS has fallen off a cliff. Splatoon 2 is still very popular especially at weekends and Splatfests. Can’t comment on MK8.

I find the controllers plugged into a grip fine personally. I’d recommend just getting the console and assessing from there. I was convinced I needed a Pro Controller and 2 extra JoyCon but I love playing it handheld so much, that I can’t see the point right now. Maybe if I had done long Zelda stints on the TV, it’d be different.


Oooooh… guy who leaked that LA Noire was coming out hints that GTAV isn’t far behind.

Check out @Nibellion’s Tweet:


Cannot stop playing Steamworld Dig 2. Gosh, it’s so satisfying. The gameplay loop, the constant sense of progression, the bright colours and because it’s not procedurally generated the design of the world feels a lot better and well thought out.


18 games out tomorrow, like FIFA 18, Picross, Golf Story and Oxenfree, with Axiom Verge and Stardew Valley imminent. DOOM, Rime, LA Noire, Fire Emblem Warriors and Mario Odyssey within a month or so too.

No idea when I’m going to have the time to buy Steamworld Dig 2 or replay Zelda…


Golf Story and Picross is out today :wink:


Totally agree. No idea how long it will last bit have hugely enjoyed it so far. Thought I’d give it a quick blast to break up Thimbleweed Park on Sunday, but haven’t gone back!


Ive finished the main story in Mario rabbids now at least… still haven’t got near getting good at splatoon, haven’t got all the trophies on Mario kart… haven’t finished Zelda…
FIFA arrives tomorrow, then its odyssey and nothing else until I clear the backlog. well except the mini snes. :laughing: STOP SPENDING MONEY DOOFUS


You will never struggle to find an online race in Mario Kart. Though the DiS tournament has seemingly fallen by the wayside. The online seems very solid considering it’s free (thus far).