Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


Yeah, the DiS Tournament was great when there werent many games on the Switch but now :smiley:
Also the lack of voice chat really hurts group multiplayer IMHO


As a July adopter, and August Zelda buyer, I’ve a lot of hours left to put into BOTW and have had no time to play Mario Rabbids or Splatoon. I’m probably not going to finish Zelda in time for Mario Odyssey, have several half finished indies and want to get FIFA for playing on the go :sweat_smile:

Nearly didn’t buy the thing, thinking there’d be a lack of games to play.


online; I’ve only played Mario Kart 8 DX online and it’s been consistenyl the most fun I’ve ever had since Left 4 Dead 2. The big advantage is that there is no online voice caht, so no little pricks calling you a “fuckin faggot” every thirty seconds - though I am assuming that is what online gaming is still like.

The gameplay online is as solid as I need it to be tbh. everyone is a million time better than I am I I only manage just to keep my score above 1000 (you start at 1000 and it drops if you do shit on MK8DX).

the controllers are amazing. my wife and I play MK8DX most nights, and our longest marathon last five hours and neither her nor I got sore hand from holding the controllers in the sideways config. as a portable the thing’s most comfortable than my DS I played hundreds of hours on, and the pack-in controller housing thing is pretty comfortable too.

I don’t have a pro controller, so I can’t say, but I have no need for one.


by the way I got myself a screen protector thing… just as a matter of course tbh… they’re about a fiver and so far it still looks good


I’d be up for restarting this though. I missed out and there have been a few new adopters in recent months following E3.

Any appetite? I need to add you all to my friends list, somehow.


This is exactly why I’ve never had any interest in online chat - don’t think I’ve ever actually played a game with it. As @Yesiamaduck says though, I can see the benefit when you’re just playing with friends though.


Looks fine to me, friends


I guess the big issues isn’t so much how it looks, but goal keeper AI etc
either way Ill be playing it Friday night :slight_smile:


I’ll be getting FIFA. So far I have made a point of only buying digital versions of games as I like having them all on me without having to worry about swapping carts and/or losing them. But FIFA might persuade be otherwise. For one thing it’s 13.4GB. I’m not too bothered about this as I’ve resigned myself to putting a £10 SD card in my switch long term, no biggy I guess. But FIFA comes out every year and I might want to trade in when the next version comes out, though in the past I’ve only bought every few years. Does the trade in price drop like a stone once the new version comes out?


On the one hand, difficult to tell with Nintendo consoles as they haven’t had annual FIFA games for about half a century now. On the other hand, FIFA 17 on the PS4 is only worth a couple of quid now, so yes, it’ll probably be worth next to nothing this time next year.


Looked fine until the Icey pitch, looks kind of chuggy


I just hope it’s fun.


Yes we should definitely start it up again. I know the day/time maybe didn’t suit everyone but we could do a vote or something here. I’ll post my friend code here later if anyone wants to add me. It’d be good if everyone else could do same and note if their Nintendo id is different from their DiS one (so i know to accept you all)


I’m up for more racing

I’m out most Tuesdays, but a different day would be good


Cool. Don’t know who here ‘owns’ the DiS tournament room and can change the time/day settings.
If enough people here get Fifa and if the online is good and you can play against people in your friend lists (some big IFs there) could we potentially get a DiS FA Cup or League going?
Logistics of a full league would be a nightmare tbf


Golf story anyone?


Not on the e-shop yet :frowning:

You got my hopes up, I hate you


Is Picross-S on the eshop yet?


15 minutes to go