Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


Golf Story and Picross S bought.
Pile of games tipping over


How many games do you have on your machine? :smiley:


39 :confounded::disappointed_relieved:


what’s picross? is it like sudoku?


It’s like a crossword but instead of revealing words you reveal a picture

The logic is very similar to sudoku


Jesus, you weren’t really exaggerating when you said 18 games were out this week


Eurogamer quote

Sep 28, 2017
Mario Golf and Earthbound combine for one of the most delightful games you’ll find on Nintendo’s Switch. [Recommended]



sounds a bit boring


So does every logic puzzle game. Until you play it


I mean crosswords are just really boring though


Oh it’s better than a crossword doe


does it make fun noises when you win?


you know what would be really really great on switch?

A decent version of the pinball arcade.

Holy shit that would be perfect


I dont know with this version but every gameboy/ds version ive played has been delightful




with vertical alignment, you could easily use the joycon face buttons for flippers


impressive :open_mouth:


zen studios are working on a pinball game :slight_smile:


never played much of those, loved the idea of pinball arcade being authentic tables though, really fun to see them evolve


Lack of Fifa reviews is a pain in the balls.
A lot of people seem to have got it early though and are saying its good but not going into much depth.