Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


Cool. Just played my first match there now to get used to the controls. Lost 1-0. Very impressed so far.


It runs 60fps in portable mode which I didn’t expect at all. And the loading times are non existant


That’s a real shame.


Even online is smooth. Beat Liverpool 1-0 so I’m making progress.


Yo can anybody recommend me a good SD card to put in it? Like are all SD cards born equal or are some better for games, I’m completely clueless over here. Better when you bought Gamecube memory cards or they came with games, knew who I could trust then.


I think it’s more that some reputable brands are less likely to fail and lose your games/data.

Don’t know which though tbh


It’s really not hard. These are basically standard, normally some of the cheapest and best performing cards. Pretty sure if you want to shave micro seconds off loading times you could invest more, but why bother

3211032-sandisk ultra 64gb microsdxc uhs-i card


In terms of speed, you want UHS-1 - anything you could buy that’s faster would be a waste of money. Something with this logo:



Or the one with the logo @littlebirds has suggested would be fine!


I got the 128 version of that SanDisk. £43 off amazon. Ordered it 10pm Thursday night and was delivered lunchtime Friday. Then I was able to download Fifa…


So many good games out before Christmas. Ridiculous line up…


Darkest Dungeon is coming to Switch
Bethesda has said it’s going to develop more games for Switch
Game sales for a Nintendo platform on launch year highest they’ve ever been since records begun (1995)

all good news.


I bloody love Nintendo


Thanks for the memory card recommendations. Gonna go for that 128gb Sandisk one, found it for a very palatable £35!


Mario Rabbids really keeps delivering. Just finished world 3 having put a good amount of time in already (gr8 boss at its end).

The world is lovely to look at, in general its well designed, pulling off a perfect strategy is so rewarding.

Only downside is having to always use Mario and a rabbid. It means my team choice is always restricted, never using Peach or rabbid peach, mainly just using Luigi, Mario and either rabbid Luigi or rabbid yoshi depending on the level’s needs


It really is fantastic. That list doesn’t even count the next Zelda dLC. Already want Dragonball, Mario & rabbids, Mario odyssey, Xenoblade 2 and maybe resident evil and note not even considering indie titles. I really want the new Metroid on 3ds too.


I stopped using Luigi for most of World 3 and only got him out a couple of times in World 4. I think in on the final boss. Getting tough!!




What actually is Stardew Valley? Is it just a less-good Animal Crossing?


Harvest Moon*

And less good my ass, wash your mouth out with soap.