Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


I don’t know much about it, other than that it’s another pixelart game. Lots of vaguely excited chatter about it. I lost months of my university life to Animal Crossing DS and love it to bits, so something similar would be lovely.

(But only if I can go to the TV’s village and dig up all her crops)


Everything I’ve seen suggests it’s a better Harvest Moon


It’s currently a single player game but they’re adding multiplayer but not sure what it entails exactly yet. But if you liked Animal Crossing on the go you’ll like this a lot, its a great game



I’ve got about £13.44 in my Nintendo account. If it’s about a tenner or so I’m all over this.


Beat Steamworld Dig 2. Took about 8 hours, had a great time, though I thought the ending was a tad abrupt (but the final boss is fantastic)

Probably my fav game on the Switch so far if I’m honest.

Also I noticed they changed the Icon!




BOTW was a stunnnnning game, but for sheer enjoyment alone… I had more fun with Steamworld Dig


Completed Mario vs Rabbids story today. Done 2/3s of the Challenges but feel like I’ve had all the fun I need from it now. May trade it in this week at GAME or somewhere equally horrid and save £15 on FIFA18 or something, as can’t see me really replaying it or wanting the DLC overly.

But it was a really fun game. Never played an XCOM-esque game before so it was a pleasant experience for me and I’m glad that Nintendo and Ubisoft trusted each other to create such an interesting side avenue; Ubisoft get a lot of shit but if it wasn’t for the support they gave the Wii U, I pretty much would have had no third party games to play on that machine.

The soundtrack in this game is also straight into my top ten gaming OSTs of all time. Totally wonderful from start to finish.

Next up… bought Piccross to see what all the long-time Nintendo fans are raving about and am on Part 4 of Thimbleweed Park, so will try and get those a bit more under my belt before getting Golf Story or Steamworld Dig 2.

Man… TOO MANY GAMES. Feel bad I’ve barely touched ARMS or Splatoon 2 in months either.


Bet it feels really strange for you, having a backlog of games crushing you :smiley:




Basically agree, although my fav is probably Shovel Knight. Fantastic game.

Golf Story is brill too but I am pacing myself.


Thought this was a very good throwback and update to the 8 bit platformer, but a tad overrated. Thought the other games in the pack offered little extra value either. Sonic Mania is the best platformer I’ve played on the Switch so far


That sentence was a mess.


Agreed about the other characters but the main quest was just glorious, the music too. I completely slept on it and although I’d obviously heard of the game, I essentially jumped in blind, so was blown away.

I did enjoy Mania and thought it was a great Sonic game, but I’m just not a huge Sonic fan. Happy I got it though for sure.


It’s okay… I don’t like money anyways


I’ve genuinely never experienced this before. Closest comparison for me was when I bought a PS2 5 years into it’s time so I was like a kid in a second hand, all games were £10 candy store.


Finally pre-ordered the Switch + Mario Odyssey bundle!

Can’t wait to get stuck into that and BOTW. Might book a day or two off work to have a long weekend and be joyfully nerdy. Not done that in my adult life, now seems like the right time.


There’s an ACTUAL harvest moon on the 5th. Just sayin’. I’m sure it’s a coincidence.


Is there? They kept that quiet. With Faming Simulator 2017 also imminent, people who like pretend farming are spoilt for choice!

Edit: just got that you meant an actual actual harvest moon


Aye super clever reference that