Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


True. Guess it’s like comparing What.CD to Spotify.


Oh for Pete’s sake.

Raspberry PI emulation is a niche hobby. It’s in no way even vaguely comparable to a mass market nostalgic consumer product. It’s also illegal the moment you start playing ROMs you don’t already legitimately own.

Yes, it’s cheaper if you want to play lots of different games from different consoles. No, most people don’t want to do that and even fewer have the abilities to set themselves up for it or the time to put into invest in making a nice replica of an particular old school console using one.


the market for it was as xmas presents for dads and uncles and aunties and stuff but that’s gone now…


RIP Dads, uncles, aunties.


well there is a nuclear war on


There is literally a website that runs all the Nintendo games.


All killed off in the great fire of #2016


an illegal one? definitely don’t post it here and DEFINITELY don’t send me a facebook message about it

a legal one? post it here


Christ I am unreasonably giddy about this. I haven’t even considered the possibilities of crushing disappointment.




I think the thing that has me excited is that for once, there won’t be a new gimmick that Nintendo will need to force into its games. No stylus/touch/double screen bullshit, no 3D bullshit, no sensor bar bullshit, no shake the wiimote to do X bullshit, no map or inventory being on the low resolution Wii U gamepad with it’s shit battery life bullshit.

The DS/3DS, Wii and Wii U did make good use of their gimmicks from time to time sure, but they also had their painful failures. At least this time round it should (in theory) hit the ground running with well executed ideas because there’s no new novelty they’re trying to adhere to.


here we go!


No concrete launch line-up, no UK price. Weird humans in Mario at Christmas.

Thought that was pretty shit.


I got up an hour early for work and am watching it now. Hmmmm, this is a poor choice of presentation style and is concerning. Felt like the Wii U all over again…

Collaborations look very early days, third party support was the usual ports I don’t care for, Sega got wheeled out again, the games that would make me buy one are months away, many were ports of games I have, the price in the UK seems higher than elsewhere (£279.99) and they started by showing Wii Sports esque games (likely freaking out those who were excited about this console).

Many of my favourite ever Nintendo games have been shown off poorly over the years but become amazing nearer release, but how do they manage to make a follow up to Mario 64 seem so tedious?!?

Breath of the Wild on Wii U for me then and a PS4 I reckon…


279 quid, I’m back out again.


Also just looked at the summary of the launch, this doesn’t seem like a good system at all. The portable gimmick (I’m going to call it a gimmick in light of how bad the battery life is when playing a game) seems like a fools errand, no launch line up so to speak, showing off Wii esque demos, Mario looks bland… devastated as I was certain this was going to be my window back into Nintendo land.


Well at least low stock levels won’t be much of an issue as there isn’t going to be much to play on it (still pre-ordered as I’m a bit silly with things like this).


I’m sure Mario will be great though. Next Christmas.


Looks like a load of bobbins


Won’t be pre-ordering until I hear a lot more information. At this stage I’m more likely to buy a second hand Wii U to play Zelda than the Switch.


  • £280 is on the steep side I think, certainly past the point where it’s not a no-brainer. No mention of bundles so I presume buying this with Zelda would set you back 330 notes. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is going to be selling at premium game cost too, which is ridiculous compared to every other publisher.

  • Generally very little information about the workings of the console. This should have been an info dump. There was nothing on storage. Hardly any information about online.

  • Only two launch games as far as I can tell, one is a tech demo, the other is also available on Wii U.