Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


So what game should I get for my plane travel on Monday?

Stardew Valley, Oxenfree, Severed, FAST Racing, Axiom Verge or FIFA18?


If I were choosing for me, Stardew Valley. No question.


Srardew valley


I’m really enjoying Fifa.
But if you want variety you could pick all of those other games up for less than the price of Fifa.


That’s the one I am most intrigued by as I haven’t bought a FIFA in years and fancy a big budget experience after several Indies. But I’d like it physical so I can flog it if FIFA19 comes out. Sold out everywhere though. Tried to trade in Rabbids for it yesterday but no joy…

May get Golf story and Stardew Valley and see which one tickles my fancy. Still got a bit left of Thimbleweed Park to complete but find I prefer that game in dribs and drabs.


Burnt out on Zelda. 120 hours, 4 divine beasts, 105 shrines, 350ish korok seeds… I’ve really only got Hyrule castle to explore and Ganon to beat. I’m putting it down til the new DLC.
Picked up Golf Story to keep me going until SMO - great so far.


Finished Rabbids yesterday, thought the difficulty curve was pretty much perfect - one of the best of any game I’ve played. Was always challenging, but never so much that I wanted to stop playing. Might go back to completely 100% it at some point.

But I finished it just as Stardew Valley got released, and RIP any spare time. I played a little when it was on PC but a few friends got super obsessed with it, which means I know just enough to keep persevering but little enough that it’s all quite new and interesting. It’s the perfect time-sink.


To be honest mate the physical will be cheaper to buy but Fifa games value traditionally plummet once the new version is out.
Dont think I’ll get anything else for the next while. Mrs is playing Picross and Im playing away at Fifa and the SNES Mini plus with 3 weeks to Mario I don’t want to get something I’ll only be distracted from in no time at all.
A Nintendo system with too many great games coming out in the first 6/7 months!


Got Stardew Valley for the plane to find out what you lot are banging on about. Tempted to go crazy and buy a couple of others too…


got myself a switch a few days ago with the requisite zelda + mario kart duo, but loving the sound of some of these indie games. my question to you guys - although they are getting rave reviews, how do they actually compare to the games of the 16 bit era? would they stand toe to toe with the classics on the snes or would they have been also-rans in that age?


Usually more substantial than the games from that era just usually have the same aesthetic.


Yeah they’re largely all great. Share the aesthetic but none of the game ending bugs or ridiculous difficulty curves. Plenty of good stuff on there.

You can search the store by category so worth having a trawl through to see what you’re after.


all sounds very promising. lovers in a dangerous spacetime looks right up my alley.


Any tips would be appreciated. How can I buy some seeds for example? And should I save up wood and stone or flog it?


That game really needs 2 - 4 people (4 ideally)


Keep it, you’ll need it for people to build add ons and upgrades for ye farm. And its not worth much, will be worth puttiing the odd bit here and there in the sale box but for the most part I store it. Try to chop up 300 wood pieces first and fix the bridge on the beach, the reason is because it gives you access to the rock pools and every day coral and other bits wash up there which you can sell for early money.


Dust: An Elysian Tale creator announced new game… which appears to be a metal gear parody


Cheers. Yeah I saw that earlier. Still trying to figure the controls out. Not coming naturally to me yet!


Demo of Spelunker Party now available.