Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


I just finished Thimbleweed Park, it was £7 I think. Adventure crime thingy set in 1987, I really liked it


Ooh I like the look of Thimbleweed Park and Rayman Legends


Had Harvest moon on my gameboy so really enjoying Stardew Valley. Hardly done anything in the game but don’t really feel in a rush to do anything. Just enjoying growing my Cauliflowers.

Next goal is that bigger back pack as that would be useful.

Added bonus of annoying my girlfriend by naming my dog after her.


Every time someone mentions Thimbleweed Park, I mentally start adding “a-boo” to the end of random words in their posts.


Completed Thimbleweed Park. Great game and didn’t need to use the hint line at all for the final 1/4. Lovely resolution and story end.

Bought FIFA18 and spent 9 hours on a plane consistently being awesome at the training mode then losing 1-0 to Bournemouth time and again. Enjoying it though.


If you haven’t played Rayman Legends before then please please please please do.

It’s one of the most joyus games ever created and one of the greatest platformers of all time.

And the end of world music stages… oh mah gawd.


I’ve played procesiely too much Stardew Valley since the Switch version came out. Just reached fall and saving up for coop ^.^ so I can get some chickens


As much as I like the look of it, I don’t have £50 for a single game right now, so it’s in the queue with Mario Rabbids and Lego City Undercover and Splatoon and Binding Of Isaac. This fucking console, I’ve happily played about 2 games a year for the past 5 years, we’re barely 6 months into the Switch and I’ve got a massive backlog of stuff I want.


Would you be tempted for half that price?


Its not £50 though O.o I think it’s £28



Obviously just had it from that link at £26 haven’t I? (thanks @thesewoodenideas) but what’s your beef with Lego City Undercover? Looks like a lot of fun, I know no fewer than three middle aged men from work who’ve all bought it for their kids and then become obsessed with it.


It’s… fine. I got it when the Switch was new and its fairly funny and good for co-op in a light kind of way it’s a bit of light fluff that I certainly don’t recommend paying full price for unless you plan to play it with spouse or kids. But Rayman Legends is legit one of the best games ever :slight_smile:


Also I can never come here and ask for recommendations again; the other day I wanted a few cheap download games to keep me satisfied and stop me blowing £50 on Mario + Rabbids, now I’ve spent more than that on 4 games.


It’s okay not much out this week that I’d recommend. The Flame In the Flood is good doe (out tomorrow)

Rogue Trooper Redux, Jackbox Party Pack 4 (seriously if you ever want to play games with people not into gaming over a few beers this is THE BEST series for that), Fire Emblem Warriors & Mario Oysee out this month :smiley: NOT NEARLY AS BUSY AS EARLIER THIS MONTH YOU’LLLLL BE FINNNNNNNNE


So Edge have given Mario Odyssey 10/10…the signs are good! Only game other than BOTW this year. Man, I’m so jealous of everyone about to play BOTW for the first time. I want to play it again but it won’t be the same. That game is magic.


Glad I could help. Was tempted myself but just don’t have time for it now. So many good games!


Properly swept up by stardew valley, but didn’t realise that a season was only a month long, and spent all my savings on seeds which I planted on the last day of the season. I’m ruined, and the cat is going to starve to death. (Do I need to do anything with my pet? I tried to feed it but didn’t know how!)


It’s been a long time, but I think you have to put water in their bowl each day and can possibly pet it once a day too (you should get a little heart symbol if it works).

Can’t recall if there’s a benefit to doing this


Oh it’s a water bowl! no wonder I couldn’t get fish in it. Poor dehydrated cat.


Played a load of Stardew Valley last night. Getting near to the end of spring now. There are still two people in the village avoiding me. My first chicken coop is currently been built. Getting pretty good at fishing now.

Probably played for a bit too long as dreamt that I fell over and smashed the screen. Not had a nightmare like that for ages.