Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


yes. this has made me surprisingly happy.


Is the second from the left on the second row an anthropomorphic urinal?


They have to hold something back for the sequel mate!


There’s a demo of that Oceanhorn Wind Waker like game in the eshop if anyone was intrigued…

Also Fire Emblem Warriors is out today. Little fanfare around that one…


Enjoyed a good warriors game from back in the day, recently got dynasty warriors 2 for the ps2 for 50p and played a lot of it. Worth spending 100 times that much? Nah. Never got to do the Zelda one, that I’d pick up straight away on eshop!


Not sure? Never been sure about these games but reviews seem good and people I knew who owned Hyrule Warriors loved it.


Both of these look shite to me


Certainly get a sense that Oceanhorn plugged a release schedule gap when it came out that isn’t there now.

Never played a Warriors game. On the surface, they look like button mashers but several journalists I rate all say they’re far deeper and more tactical than that. Never thought it looked like my cup of tea though.

I’ve realised this weekend that Mario is out in a week, so that gives me 5 days to figure out how not to suck at FIFA and try to get past Day 12 in Stardew Valley, before I play nothing else but Odyssey until 2018.


There was a telling comment on Eurogamer this weekend on the piece about difficult curves that pointed out that they’re very different games depending on difficulty settings - you can apparently get away with button mashing on lower difficulties, but it becomes much more tactical on harder ones; you can’t afford to risk getting hit so apparently have to pick/plan your attacks much more. Interesting I thought, as I had the same impression as you.


You can upgrade the power and keep backward compatible features - the 4k HDR consoles say so.

And when I mean screen size I mean the panel will reach outwards from the Shape it is now - larger in the same area.


A bit less bezel for you man my good man?




Looks like Nintendo sneakily added in Gamecube controller support in the new firmware - Smash in 2018?:


ooooo I got 2x gamecube controllers. Good stuff


Aye only downside of course is that you need the adapter + there’d be wires everywhere. I’d love GC joycons as an option. It’d be like a Wavebird++ :smiley:


a quick google suggests you can get an adapter for about £15 - which will do both controllers

would be great to be able to use GC controllers for Mario Kart 8 - but no ZL button = not being able to use shells etc


I hope they do an adapter that works with the NES mini/SNES mini pads and wii Classic controller for when online+VC launches. DPADS!


I’d quite like to be able to use a Wii U Pro controller for multiplayer days when I finally get a Switch


Oh good call I have one of those too. They already had USB connectivity so even if they have to go wired it should be do-able even if it’s only for VC. I’d imagine for the games that use the HD rumble etc they’d probably want to ensure it’s the new controllers only.


why are they not announcing these changes?!