Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


Nintendo being Nintendo!
Headset support and GC support rolled into an update quietly? Something big is coming some…thing!
Or knowing Nintendo…maybe not.


Either linked to them finally announcing Virtual Console or Smash port I guess. I wonder if Switch Smash will be the Wii U version updated AND Melee, given how big both are on the esports scene.

A credible journalist tweeted the other week that Nintendo had agree with some indies and third parties to delay VC to create room for their titles, but I’m not sure I believe that. Probably just no rush to do it given the Mini SNES release, winding down of 3DS and currently botched online functionality.


Lots of people getting emails saying their copies of Odyssey will arrive tomorrow. Bastards…

Surprised to find out Rabbids is worth £27 cash or £30 trade in at GAME on the way home. Tempted to do the latter and get Sine Mora EX or Binding of Isaac.


Some ok stuff on sale this week.

Not huge discounts but those wanting Shovel Knight, Thimbleweed Park or Severed should have a look.


Really regret not going for physical copies where possible, haven’t played splatoon since the first weekend and wish I coulda got some cash back on that. Learnt my lesson now!


I’m going the opposite way actually. FIFA aside, which I never wanted to buy digitally but had to due to no copies ANYWHERE in London a fortnight ago, I like having most of them on me permanently. Think I’ll just buy physicals when I’m unsure of a game and may want to flog it, like I was Rabbids.

I have boxes of games I’ll never play again. Love having 10 games on my Switch 24/7.


I’m the same with Splatoon. Generally I’m happy about going digital but I know I wasn’t sure whether I would dig Splatoon, should have gone physical. I’m sure it’s fine, just not sure it’s for me.


Well I’ve taken the plunge. All switched up. Wife got me Mario kart, her parents got me FIFA, I downloaded stardew valley and I’ve got the new mario and Zelda on the way from very because you get £50 back if you spent £100 - so bargain.

Should keep me busy for a wee while. Playing it as a propped up tablet is the only thing I don’t understand - the screen is just too small but weirdly it gets away with it if you have controllers docked and you’re clutching it - those few inches closer make all the difference.


Isaac was 19.99 on Amazon on the weekend (with the manual and stickers), not sure if still active. Mine arrived yesterday and it plays wonderfully.

I’m heading to trade in Rabbids after work today. I really enjoyed the game, but for 30 trade value it is hard to turn down. Really fancy grabbing Disgaea 5, but not sure I have the time to grind.


I was just having trouble figuring out what to swap it for? Want BOTW and MK8 on there permanently when I do get them. Could buy an eshop card I guess?


Sounds like a plan. If you are done with them game it is certainly worth trading in before the price drops.


One of us! One of us!
You should post your friend code and we can all add you :slight_smile:


Friend code is 7543 4713 7996


How do I find my friend code? I’ve had it for months and not done this


On main menu select your profile icon top left, then in next menu select Profile in top left. Should give you your username, friendcode and play history onscreen now.


Had been on that page before and somehow not noticed it.



Cool sent u a friend request. Confusing when people have different handles. Mines woodenideas on there.


Got it. Might change my handle as I’ve only got one real life friend with a Switch anyway


I bought a Pro Controller this week. Found changing the analogue stick direction at speed in FIFA problematic and also read in EDGE that Mario is great on the TV up big, so decided it was time to get one.

I’m so glad I did. What a wonderful bit of kit. Probably the most comfortable controller I’ve ever held and the sticks and buttons feel really weighty and well made, yet it’s light as a feather. Feel like I’ve had it for months already.


generally like the controller but unfortunately the analogue sticks are so slippy compared with an xbox controller, always find my thumbs are sliding off them.