Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


Found the little ridged edge largely stops that but it did happen to me once or twice last night, true. Never really liked the nobbly effect on the sticks of a few old controllers I owned, though I get the added tactility it brings.


This only adds to my fervent belief that Nintendo will reboot their 2D Mario offering this generation and revamp the art style. Super Mario World 2?

Also think, given how awesome DKC: Tropical Freeze was, I wonder if Retro are tackling it…


Seems to hint at VC too.


I’m doubleA on there.


think this has been my issue with 3D mario since gamecube era. occasionally stunning and beautiful (galaxy 1 + 2 in particular), but the character design of Mario/Bowser is weirdly charmless. Would love them to try something different



What was consensus on travel cases and screen protectors? I’ve solely been using the switch in the flat but I’ve got masses of travel coming up and Odyssey hopefully arriving today.



Orzly are your friend for both


The Orzly glass protector is definitely the best. Switched to it from different plastic protectors and it almost looks better with it on than the actual screen alone, thanks to how dust and finger print proof it is.

Loads of people have got that Orzly case, but it looks like an absolute brick to me, good if your going to be carrying multiple sets of joycon etc. but too bulky for my needs (Switch, Joycon, games). I like the official case, as it’s slim and has a stand - because the kick stand on the Switch is useless. It’s also got slots for game cartridges etc. Very happy with it, but sure others are cheaper and have the same feature (probably even better executed tbh).



Looks more appropriate for me too! Can you adjust the stand on it at all or are you limited to just one angle?


One angle, unfortunately. Though I wanted something to put on the little tray on flights and it works fine for that. Maybe someone else has made a better version of the same concept


I got the Official case and an Amtek (I think) glass screen protector. The case is good and the screen looks better I’d say with the protector on.


Hope the Wolfenstein II port is good. The PS4/Xbox version looks great


This is one I’ll probably grab on PC when the price drops. Does look bloody good.


Got the same combo. Works great for me.


Pretty sure this code should still work for 15% off Orzly stuff (even through amazon)
if anyone’s getting screen protectors soon.


Struggling with Zelda. So fiddly.


It’ll take a bit of time. Can seem overwhelming at the start. You’ll be okay.


The combination of more stamina, more hearts and better control of Link comes naturally and quite quickly. It’ll start to click soon.


Having a break and playing some Odyssey.


It helps when the weapons become more robust and you have more slots and aren’t forced to swap all the time. But I would say mastering the quick access menu for the weapons and stuff really helps. I used the menu to swap for a little while which was annoying. It doesn’t take too long for it all to gel. By 170 hours it’s like muscle memory!