Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


It has definitely grown on me and it is less fiddly. Coming from ps4 where the bottom button is pretty much the main button and on switch the same button is cancel has been a huge adjustment.


I do remember being narked quite how shit I was initially and how it felt my last of mastery of the controls were to blame. I think because of the nonlinear design you do encounter difficulty spikes very early which is a bit unfair. Conversely once you’ve mastered it later on the difficult doesn’t rise much and it starts to feel easy! It’s never unenviable though. If you are getting sick of one area you can decide just to go somewhere else


I’ve just started and got to Kakariko Village and honestly feel a bit…disappointed? I’m not sure - it looks amazing but I feel a bit detached from it - the world feels a bit empty and it seems to have a bit less character than previous Zelda games which had real identities and atmospheres. I’m only encountering one type of enemy out in the open (maybe because I’m early on - it’s just 'throw a bomb and pick off the stragglers) and although people talk about the size of the world…it just falls a bit flat for me with long expanses.

I’m guessing it picks up? Interesting that they’ve moved away from temples to shrines…maybe I was expecting a classic Zelda game as it feels like they’ve really tried to move away from the time-honoured themes, kind of feels like ‘Zelda does Dark Souls’ (especially with the weapon break mechanic which can do one, and the lack of score for a lot of the game). Sorry for the long post - just trying to process my thoughts on it!


Well I loved it more or less from the start and the path I took saw me encounter various enemies along the way. I had some of these issues with it though, for sure, but rather when I hit 40-50 hours in. Then the final 1/3 of the game was utterly joyous and I overlooked them.

Some of the things you miss? They’ll arrive in some form or another, if you make the effort to go find them or chance upon them. There are some dungeons and lengthier shrines too, but nothing as chunky as the larger ones from the last few 3D Zelda’s.

Stick with it though for a bit longer. Many of the things you dislike so far will come to make sense or become less of a barrier in a few hours time.

(This is probably like when people say to me 'Give Game of Thrones 2 series then it starts to get REALLY good. And I’m, like… 20 hours to start being good? I’m out…)


Yeah I can remember being a bit like that. I got to kakariko about 8 hours in. The great plateau is very barren and there is no grand opening to give it a kick start.

The lack of enemy variety is a shortcoming with the game but you will encounter a few more if you’re that early on. I don’t think it is a major problem. Also, when get get more weapons and discover quite how adept the physics engine is you suddenly realise the number of ways you can defeat enemies is mind boggling. That keeps the interest up. It wasn’t until I saw a few videos of what people were doing that I saw how basic my attacking was.

The lack of score I can see. I think it is intentional and actually really like it. You spend so much time in the open with that ambient soundtrack I think I’d get quite tired of something more full on and melodic. And it fits the general themes of the (exploration, nature etc…). That said I think the balance is a bit off and some more actual tunes would be better.


Sounds good - it did sound a bit moany that post but I am enjoying it and absolutely will be ploughing on and completing it!

I do like certain aspects (such as the lack of score) but I think I’m just in a bit of a shock of how different they’ve played it to other Zelda games in some respects so just adjusting. I think if it was not called Zelda and I didn’t have those expectations I’d be raving about it (and probably will be in 10 hours time)


Yeah the score is there, but you only realise it sporadically in the game I find. And when it does kick in, it’s very memorable for it.


Has anyone mentioned how disgusting the game carts taste?


Somewhere up thread - think a couple of people tried them for science reasons.


You pop it in between your lips while changing a game. Then half an hour later you absent mindedly lick your lips. Bleurgh, damn you, Nintendo.


Finally caved in and bought FIFA. I’d say that if you owned last year’s iteration, or another console to play football on, it’s not worth playing full price for. Sill, it’s perfectly solid, and given it’s portability, and the fact that it’s the only footie game on the system until next autumn, it’ll get enough mileage to justify paying £45 for it. Graphically, it looks great. Hopefully they’ll add the capacity to play with friends soon…


November 14th for Rocket League, friends


Wooohewww, lets hope it has proper friend matchmaking so we can finally play games together that arent mario kart


Nintendo Switch worldwide sales 7.63million units, over half what the Wii U did in its entire lifespan


Just got the Switch and getting through Mario and Zelda which will keep me occupied. I will eventually jump into Mario Kart but a bit concerned about the online aspect which I’ve heard isn’t the best.

If I wanted to jump online with Mario Kart (or even Splatoon if I get that) can I just enter a random game (as in Call of Duty which matches you with other people)? It might sound a stupid question but I’ve read and seen about friend codes for online play and none of my mates own a Switch so might be a race for 1!


Yup, you can jump online with Mario in single and two player mode, same with Splatoon 2


Both games have matchmaking and pretty healthy player bases.


There is a DiS MK8 room/tournament lobby. Not sure who here is the admin but we could maybe revive it formally the new Switchers. Postmortem friend code here and we can all add you for online stuff.


Im the admin, give me a fiver and a carton of cigs and I’ll make whatever changes you want.


They said life would be different on the outside…