Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


For real thoug, I am the admin

I already changed the time and day but it didn’t really revive it sadly.

POLL! (what can you USUALLY do, please only vote if you’re interested in playing Mario Kart multiplayer)

  • Monday 8 - 9pm
  • Tuesday 8 - 9pm
  • Wednesday 8 - 9pm
  • Thursday 8 - 9pm
  • Friday 8 - 9pm
  • Saturday 8 - 9pm
  • Sunday 8 -9pm

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Snake Pass is 50% off on the e-shop. Sold!

I would like to get in on the MK8 action, how does one go about that?


Ace! Time to produce music and play mario on my lunch break


Is it worth getting the pro controller? I mainly play at home on the couch or the TV when the fiancée is not watching anything and it looks pretty comfy (although expensive at £60…)

Alternatively I could use the money to get Mario Kart?


It is a really nice controller, but I’d rather have Mario Kart if I was in your position.
I’ve played more hours of MK that I have using the Pro Controller.


Pro controller is an amazing controller


I’m thinking about getting one

then if I’m doing 4 player mario kart controllers can be shared as follows

1x pro controller

1x pair of joycons on the mount thing

2 people using joycons in the stearing wheel things


i might just use gamecube controllers, now they’ve brought that in


The pro controller is great. In the short term get Mario Kart though and get the pro controller later.
I always leave the joycon on the Switch. Procontroller ready for tv mode and it means the joycon are always charged when im ready to go to handheld mode. Pro controller charge lasts a crazy time too.


yes - I have a couple of those I could use

need to explore if they work properly with MK or not though


aye, that’s the only issue. a mate’s got one of those adapters, so i’ll check in a few weeks. but i’m sure others have already tried it


We’re getting Owlboy in Feb! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Have we done the Limited Run news in here yet? If so have we discussed the hint they dropped about the first game they do being Golf Story?

My body is ready for all these things!


Owlboy is a really good game, I recommend it wholeheartedly


Ridiculous bunch of games out next week.

Rime, Batman Telltale stories, DOOM, Skyrim, Rive, Rocket League, Ittle Dew 2 and LA Noire.

Want 5 of those but still got a huge backlog.


wish I hadn’t bought skyrim special edition on PC now, cosying up on the couch in winter with a cuppa and skyrim portable would have been wonderful.


:open_mouth: this is a surprise! I’ll probs get it.


You’re forgetting Octodad, one of the most endearing games I’ve ever played


There was a Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Direct over lunch.

Looked like the game has some amazing scenery and nice ideas in terms of how the Blades work - they’re essentially collectible characters you pick up and equip to your team to make combat interesting, and they have story aspects tied into them.

DLC Season Pass confirmed throughout all of 2018 and some BOTW costumes too.

Not sure I have the stomach for it right now, as I ordered DOOM last night, but reckon I’ll tackle it one day. Storyline doesn’t appear to coincide with the original in any way though at this point, which is a shame and makes me wonder why they’ve called it what they have?


cancelled my pre-order for this as I’m just not feeling it, the artstyle does nothing for me and there’s just too much junk UI on the screen for my taste. Think the first one was probably lightening in a bottle and they can’t replicate it. You played the first one right? If you do end up getting this one let me know if compares favourably :slight_smile:


Yeah I adored the original. It’s in my top 10 games ever and I put 120 hours into it having never really liked RPGS let alone JRPGs ever before. But XC X - world design and that pay off of acquiring a mech aside - left me cold after a dozen hours. Mess of styles, annoying humour, overly complicated UI and combat and a sense of deja vu. All of which seems to be replicated here.

XC had this calm and peace to it, a bit like BOTW, punctuated with some epic moments and a genuinely interesting storyline. Caught me unaware and left me charmed throughout. Always hard to tell from a trailer but I’m very much like you. Screen busyness and art styling has put me right off from the get go and it looks even busier today than before.

Hope I’m wrong and reviews say otherwise, but it’s not really what I wanted from a sequel to XC. May give it a go next year if there’s a barren spell, but won’t be on my Christmas list despite how much I adore the first.

Think ‘lightning in a bottle’ captures it perfectly. In many respects, the things I wanted to see them develop in a sequel to XC were realised in BOTW, so a XC2 is no longer the draw it once was to me.