Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


yeah the music and the grand vistas in the first one were so perfect for running around on. The bionis knee! Couldn’t believe they squeezed that out of the wii!

Also the story was surprisingly gripping and poignant for as ridiculous as it was in places. Magical game, even breath of the wild couldn’t quite capture the awe inspiring sense of scale for me



Add you friend code below to build a DiS group of friends.

Mine - SW-3546-0265-9024


Me - 1100-1537-2345


Me. IHav-eNoS-witch



And my axe:




Friend code is 7543 4713 7996



Friend code is








I’m only 10 days into getting the Switch, I’m useless at Mario Kart and I’m not entirely sure what a Friend Code does but it says mine is -



Tried to make a summary earlier, but missed out a few even at the time


Mines : SW-6 173-3400-4735
I’ve only got Mario Odyssey at the minute though.


Can we get a google docs or something setup for us to put in our codes? Maybe get it as a stickied post or something? And we could input code, our Dis username and our Switch username?
It’s getting very unwieldy and codes are always getting missed out.


Picked up Disgaea 5 as a trade in for Rabbids, really happy with it so far.
It is the perfect handheld with TV/Podcasts on game.


I wrote a post mentioning I was a bit disappointed with Zelda BOTW earlier…I now am about 20 hours in and I am hooked. The landscape is stunning and I’m completely sucked into exploring this world.


Right if anyone wants a Google doc to keep track of friend codes Ive knocked this together.
Haven’t populated yet in case people dont’ want to be included there:

If you like this idea just add yer details and we can repost the link every so often for newbies.

Sound good?


As from next week MK will be running Monday 8pm - 9pm & Thursday 8pm - 9pm

I think that accomedates everyone


Sorry to be naive - do I just add the friend codes to my list so that we can all group together online? Or is there an etiquette to all this?!


Not got my switch with me. Can I find my code online anywhere?