Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


I don’t think so.


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Ah OK will try and remember to check when I get home.
Don’t currently have any switch friends.


Yeah I had the same problem. I now just bring my switch everywhere any way haha


I should do. Got really jealous sat on the train the other day watching a guy play his switch. He had the yellow joycons as well.


I wonder what next year holds for Nintendo?

There are a few ports that would be welcomed by many (Smash, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Bayonetta 1&2, Super Mario 3D World) and a few that may work but would need some pretty major reworking controls wise that make me think they wouldn’t bother (Starfox Zero, Mario Maker, Pikmin 3).

There have been vague hints that the Animal Crossing mobile app may work with a Switch tie in and we know long term that a new Fire Emblem, Pokemon RPG and Metroid Prime are in development, but they’ll all be late 2018 if not 2019.

So… yeah… many of the big franchises are taken care of. Kirby and Yoshi will arrive mid 2018 I imagine but be of niche interest and Miyamoto said that Pikmin 4 was finished in an interview a year or so back, so that may come out.

But could be a tough year for Nintendo to muster the same energy that they have this year, meaning third party support will be more important than ever.

What else is there that would get a big reaction?

A Majora’s Mask-esque prequel / sequel to BOTW using the same world but incorporating a completely new story. Could those ruined castles be fully vibrant towns with new enemies to go hunting with the Guardians at your side? Could it deal with the rise of Ganon?

Super Mario World 2. Or 3 if you count Yoshi’s Island as 2. I’ve felt the 2D Mario games have needed a visual update for years. Never liked the NSMB styling. I think this would be a big, easy win for them.

A new IP from Retro Studios. They’ve been dormant for years. Would love to see something new. Seeing the way that the characters now gel in Smash, MK8 and the costumes in Odyssey make me wonder if a full on, Nintendo RPG could work. Nintendo land launches at Universal Studios, is there a tie in game with that? They’ve put the mechanics into BOTW and Odyssey now - could Inklings, Diddy Kong, Mario and Zelda share a universe?

F-Zero. Been talked about for years. Fans want it. Sales have always been terrible. But I think that it may get a look in this generation…

Mario Odyssey DLC: Luigi’s Mansion expansion. Yoshi’s Island. Galaxy orbs. Water-based Sunshine themes.

Virtual Console launch. Obvious winner, but should generate a huge volume of new titles easily.

Collaboration with other people. Worked well on Hyrule Warriors and Rabbids. Could Nintendo and Sega work together to resurrect F-Zero GX? Could they give Wave Race to Shinen?

Starfox Adventures 2. Got slated, but a game where you go and explore the universe? Could be cool.

What do you think? Is it possible for Nintendo to recreate this year or do you see next year as some solid ports, third party titles with the odd nice Nintendo title before an epic holiday season and 2019?


I’d say if anyone sticks there friend code in there it’s fair game to add them.
We’re generally a friendly bunch here.
If you add me for example I’ll get a request notification which I can accept or reject. Because I’m not a spanner I will accept. Right now there’s not a hell of a lot that can be done bar using Nintendos mobile app for Splatoon 2 but once the full online service is live I expect messaging and gaming online to be a lot easier.
Plus we can always play Mario Kart if you add the lobby in-game.


Tempted to get this purely for Mario/Zelda, but not sure given I’m poor, and I’ll probably just do one play through of each, I can justify spending hundreds to play 2 games

Had a deal with a pal where we split the cost of Wii U and shared it for months at a time. Might try do the same - give him a month and then get it in time to recreate the greatest christmas of all-time (1996) and playing new Mario


I am fully expecting SquareEnix to bring something Final Fantasy related to Switch given their big talk this week. I wouldn’t be totally surprised if FFVIIRemake makes it’s way on there as it uses the Unreal engine.
A few compilations from 3rd parties would do well I think: Arkham Compilation etc could do big numbers.
If Doom and Wolfenstein 2 do well I bet there’ll be a Call of Duty game next year (not to my taste but there’s a big audience).
In terms of Nintendo’s in house games. It’ll be interesting to see what the ‘mobile’ dev teams have been up to. Plus Grezzo are recruiting staff to work on a ‘Legend’ so some Zelda ports/remakes may be on the cards.


Bandai Namco said this week that Switch sales had been so amazing it caught them off guard and they’re now developing for it as a priority. Dark Souls or Ridge Racer on Switch seem like great fits.

Ubisoft also revealed that the Rabbids game accounted for as much cash last quarter as all their Xbox game sales, which is nuts. Mario factor likely helped, mind.


If you aim is just to play those, I’d have thought the resale value would still be pretty good after you’ve got through both games.


Probably my second option


My thoughts are as follows:

Big Titles
It’s true that Kirby Star Allies and Yoshi Switch are not going to be million sellers. Infact, I think they’re going to be minimal numbers. The big ones are still to come…

  • Pokémon RPG for Switch - this one’s a nailed on title - it was even included in a recent survey I had as to games I was looking forward to. Will it be a full game? Who knows. It could simply be a big update of Pokémon Sun and Moon, or a remake (in the vein of Red/Blue to Yellow).
  • Super Smash Bros. for Switch - this will either be a remake of the Wii U version, or a new version. Probably the former to be quite honest.
  • Metroid Prime 4 - Announced at E3 this’ll be a huge one when it’s released.
  • Super Mario Maker for Switch - this just makes business sense to be quite honest.

Long shots

  • Donkey Kong Country 6 - I’d love this as I never played Returns or Tropical Freeze but I’d buy the shit out of a new one.
  • Mario Party 11 - This might belong in the above category (I love Mario Party games).
  • Switch Sports - Sequel to the Wii Sports series I think is a dead on title.


I got the impression that Retro might be working on a DK right now.

Reckon we’ll get a New Super Mario Bros type title in the not to distant future but maybe not next year.


Dragonball Fighterz!
Plus Bandai Namco helped out with the last Smash game so let’s see :slight_smile:


I can’t decide on that one.

Apparently DK games sell big volumes historically compared to Metroid but I recall at the reveal of Tropical Freeze, the internet went nuts (in a bad way) that they were doing another DK title so soon after DKCReturns. Having played both, the latter is night and day miles better and genuinely a really lost gem, that thoroughly warrants and needs a rerelease. But there have been hints that Retro have been working on a new IP for some time. Time will tell… one of those things now where the original people who made some of my favourite Retro games are likely long gone anyhow.

Nintendo also reregistered the Eternal Darkness trademark last year. But I doubt that’ll be followed up anytime soon.

Managing their franchises so they don’t get boring is key. People want Metroid and F-Zero as it seems like years since we had a great one. Whereas DK, Pikmin and Yoshi seem well catered for in recent years. I hope they give some older titles a reboot this time around.


Think a new Smash needs to have some new news for a lot of people to care. Or at least, for me to. All the Wii U DLC as standard with a few new fighters added as a bonus.

I wonder if it may also incorporate a port of Melee as both versions are still huge eSports titles. Could you ‘Switch’ between the two versions?


A new Smash needs a proper single player campaign and to revert back to the Melee look. The last one was visually difficult to see on most levels and had nowt of interest to do outside of online - which was far harder to get into than Splatoon or MK8.

I really should check if it’s still got any trade in value.


It has some. I own Brawl and Wii U versions of both and think it’s just a franchise I’ll never click with. Fan service aside, which is next level amazing, I just don’t like it.