Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


Inklings are nailed on to be in the next Smash. Wouldn’t be surprised to see someone from Arms also.
Personally I’d like a subspace emissary section to make a comeback.
If it’s a port it better have everything from both the 3DS and WiiU versions and more.


fond memories of playing the N64 one at my best friend at the time’s house, was amazing 3 player back in the day. That and goldeneye were all we played.

Tried the others and yeah they’ve never clicked with me really, especially the wiiu one which is so busy with crap on the screen at all times and a huge hodgepodge of art styles.


I enjoyed both Melee and Brawl, but the Wii U version completely failed to click with me.


Hulu launched for Switch in US today.


I’d like to see what Nintendo can drum up as a proper action/adventure grown-up Uncharted esque kind of title.


For some reason I thought you were asking for Nintendo to do their take on Undertale.


:smiley: That would be a very specific request


It’s probably the only game where Nintendo’s take would be less insane than the original.



Holy shit.


Anyone getting Sonic Forces?


I wouldn’t risk going anywhere near it until at least a month after reviews are out.


The reviews are really, really bad


It took a raft of 9/10 reviews of Mania to encourage me to go near even that one. And I found it perfectly fine. Not sure I ever see myself buying a 3D Sonic game.


Apparently, Square Enix have said they’re going to feverishly support the Switch with a large number of games. Cant remember the source but I saw it somewhere earlier today


I’ve been thinking for a good few months now that everyone’s going to pile in. Much like the Wii U was a likely failure after about 4 months, the Switch has become a self fulfilling success story within about 4 months.


here it is


Given how great Mario Kart on Switch works, Smash has to be a no brainer. Rocking up to a mates house and handing them a joy con to fight it up would be brilliant


Being able to bring the switch with dock relatively easily to someone’s house is great. The whole system is so small and light it’s made bringing Jackbox Party Packs over friends a reality!


How are the Jack box Party games? They sound cool but never played any. I have some friends coming over tomorrow…


Good! Played one at a mates house the other month and got 5 hours solid fun out of it. Plus we barely scratched their surface.