Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


So is the idea you use your phones as controllers or did I not understand it?


Yup you all connect to the same WiFi router and the game puts a code on screen. Put that in and hey presto, you’re off. Like magic!

Very simple and explains it all in game. Jackbox pack 2 seems to be the best regarded one, but all have their merits it seems.


I was going to ask which is regarded a favourite, cheers


Enjoying Zelda more now but it has some odd design choices. Currently trying to do an island where it takes your equipment off you. Enjoying the challenge but not enjoying having to sail to it afresh every time I die and then Ihave to wait for the painfully slow mission instructions to fuck off. Surely there is a better way. Think I’ll need to try it on the telly box rather than on the tablet.

Also not getting the mad love for the new mario. Played it a bit but I’ve rarely felt the need to return to it. No offence intended to anyone who is loving it but despite loads of clever ideas I’m not really having fun - sorry if this is total heresy.


I can see what you mean about Mario. I am only about 5 hours in and I’d say I was admiring it rather than really really loving it. I want to plough on but not having much impetus. Hoping it changes. I was mad over both galaxy games, just wondering if I really just prefer that style mario


Can you not save on arrival at the island? Am sure I died but just started back on the shore rather than having to travel there again.


Do you know it’s possible to bring weapons to eventide? I only found out after I’d completed it properly…


I am not one to shit on someone who doesn’t get something, but I adore Mario more than many games I’ve played. It might just not be your thing.


Did you love it from the start or did it pick up? I must admit I though it picked up a bit from about the 4th kingdom but I’d still say it’s not particularly challenging and I find it less fun as a result


Yeah, read about that too after I’d played through it, but it’s CHEATING!!! :scream_cat:


Me too- best thing for me has been the exploration. Spent a lot of time wondering how I can get to bits of the levels and have been rewarded pretty much every time I’ve managed to get up to somewhere the initially seemed unreachable, or hidden.


Once you beat the story it’ll start kicking your arse. About 70% of the game is “post game”


It is but it’s also pretty cunning in a manner which the rest of the game constantly rewards you for trying. I could almost imagine they left it in there on purpose


Enjoyed mario galaxy on the Wii. And obviously super Mario world on the SNES was great. Also mario 64 was ace too.


That what I keep reading, it’s keeping me going


They become the favorite party game of anyone I show them to. A new Party Pack is an event in my friendship circles and most of them aren’t gamers but follow the party packs like a hawk. Get the first and third party pack, they’re the best ones IMHO. The best game on 2 is in the third but has more content, Party Pack 1 has Drawful and that game is incredible.


Ace attorney in the works.


Mario isn’t having that OMG I must get home to play it vibe that Galaxy 1&2 or 64 did for me, but post game I’m enjoying it loads more. Sticking to my line that it’s a solid evolution rather than a daring revolution, but then Galaxy and 64 are in my top 5 games ever, so… that’s kinda ok?

Remember BOTW isn’t s linear experience so you will find some areas designed to be tackled properly hours later. You can of course choose to do so, like I did with Eventide, but I recall after 4 hours of trying I came back 20 hours later when a bit more savvy.


(I do also wonder if my memories of those earlier Mario’s are still accurate or if I’d go back and be shocked by their challenge and scale. The extras in this game are keeping me hooked though like the costumes and purple coins. Great tweaking of the coin formula and the first time that coins and ruppees in Mario / Zelda games count for something)


I had the same feelings for Mario as you (discussed above, when I posted it I imagine I was probably about 5-10 hours in).

I do think it picks up, especially from about New Donk City. From my experiences with it, it personally isn’t a 10/10 game but it has got better and better. I just completed the main story and now the post-game has opened it up more (though I’ve literally played like an hour after only).

I’m sure you’re going to, but make sure you stick with it. It does get more and more fun IMO.