Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


i think the problem with mario was the universal 10/10 reviews just built it up too much. everyone was expecting something life-changing, when in fact its just a really good game. on the flip-side i’d read quite a few negative things about zelda, so have been pleasantly surprised throughout so far.


Similar feelings. Hasn’t felt as joyous as Galaxy but I just did THAT bit in New Donk City and couldn’t stop grinning. Glad to hear it picks up from here!

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There seems to be tonnes to do in New Donk. I’ve got the requisite moons but keep finding more. Kind of wish new donk was some kind of hub world, would have worked well I think


God that divine beast in the desert was a head fuck. Just kept rotating his belly. Kept putting off goving up and just looking at a guide, so was chuffed when I eventually managed all the terminals without doing so. Now just have, what looks like quite a rock hard, boss to properly have a go at. I’ll need to go cook some meals first though. What I’d give for a portable stove in this game.


You can do that. But it requires some experimenting!


Pot lid as a cooking surface?


I’m intrigued. Obviously you can start a fire and roast but…?


Ah yeah that’s what I had in mind. Can only roast or set fire


Well took a couple of efforts at that boss. Piss easy to get down to like 20% health then he does that super quick warp thing and I’m fucked. I’ll get there eventually, if only I can stop him making me drop my weapons and stop accidentally crouching, what a gyp!


You guys talking about Zelda made me boot it up tonight and go find done DLC armour. Wow, that game is good. So wish I’d bought a Switch day one and didn’t have to play it on Wii U mind. That controller feels so cheap and clunky now.

Hope DOOM arrives tomorrow. Amazon told me they’d posted it on Thursday night, the shit bastards.


Consider me nosy, but according to your profile, you’ve done in 35 hours? Must have skipped a huge amount in the process. I’m more than double that, only 3 beasts down and feel like there’s a lot that I haven’t done. Each to their own obviously, one of the joys of the game is that you can play it however you wish, and moseying around doing not much isn’t to many people’s liking. But I’ve found weeks of entertainment in taking my time and exploring


Rocket League page up on EU shop. Out tomorrow at odd price of £15.04.


This is the first divine beast I’ve tried. Got loads of stuff to do before I think about trying to ‘complete’ the game.


I will get this but realistically have no time to play it till Christmas


Sorry guys, forgot to set up Mario Kart, been busy


Well I’ve never played DOOM on any other machine, but to my eyes, this looks and runs like a dream. Fucking intense, innit?


Ha. My bad. I read this as you were done with the beasts and going for Ganon. I was like, slow down man!!


Rocket League is a must have right?
I fell off the PC version a while ago but think it’ll be a dream on the switch.


Didn’t realise Rocket League was going to be so cheap - be downloading that ASAP.


Gonna get Rocket League and LA Noire tonight I think.

There is a daft amount of games on this system now.