Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


Cheap, but utterly bizarre. 15.04 GBP?!


Got to be just some direct equivalent of dollars or something surely


Which is nice. One of the few developers I’ve seen that:

  1. Hasn’t charged a Switch tax
  2. Hasn’t charged a Brexit tax


Must be an automated conversion, just odd.
Still, l’m happy they did a Stardew Valley and avoided the so called Switch Tax.


The majority of indie games that have come out recently have been equally priced to their pc counterparts


Downloaded that this morning. Got DOOM barely played, Mario on 486 moons, Steamworld Dig 2 unopened, Stardew Valley only 1 season in, 2 Shovel Knight campaigns unfinished, ARMS and Splatoon 2 with loads of content I’ve not investigated, 50 levels of Picross to play and FIFA 18 very lightly scratched.

Normally finish every game I buy before I buy a new one but can’t help myself with some of these titles. Can think of another 10 games I’d buy too if I had the time.

I never had this issue on Wii U…


I’m thinking about selling Splatoon 2 - it’s not getting a look in


I still play it sporadically. There’s a Discord group on The Computer Game Show feed that I play with and it’s good fun. Plus Splatfests give me a monthly reason to return. But I played Splatoon for a couple of years after it launched as they just supported it so well. Reckon it’ll get another push in January.


Snap. I haven’t played since the second Splatfest and it’d been gathering dust for a while prior to that. I do enjoy the game, but I just never feel to boot it up.


this is a really helpful comment in my ongoing mental battle as to whether to buy this game. i haven’t found a single review that doesn’t just compare it unfavorably to the other versions, or comment that you can get it for £9 on ps4. i suppose that’s to be expected, but what i want to know is whether this is an essential purchase for someone with a switch (and finite funds).


Well for me, it is, as I don’t own any other console and - as much as I love Nintendo titles and indie games - I was missing a bit of first person action in my life. It runs and plays beautifully to me and is a total change of pace compared to everything else the Switch catalogue holds.

I’m not sure I’d play it portably personally, as it’s insanely violent and therefore maybe not very nice to play on a crowded train, plus it’s very dark, so may not suit outdoor play.

But as someone who wanted a fast paced, first person shooter on Switch and who doesn’t own another machine, it’s great to own. Can see myself putting hours into it and the game includes all the DLC and a new Arcade mode that focuses on killstreams and fluid movement. I’m very happy with it so far.

It’s £36 digitally if you buy it from the South Africa store or £39 on Amazon.


thanks for that. i’m in the same boat - a lapsed gamer who was lured in by the switch and doesn’t have any other means to play such a game. i haven’t played a proper fps since bioshock and crysis.


I had the same thing with FIFA tbh. Was kind of put off by the comparative reviews (which resulted in a really poor Metacritic score). Though in the end, I really like the game and play it a lot. If it were ten quid cheaper it’d be perfect.


Then I think you’ll enjoy it. They’ve done a great job of capturing the DOOM magic: heavy ass soundtrack, up close action, constant movement necessary, hugely outnumbered… Really enjoyed the first few levels and can see plenty of reasons to replay it to!


Yeah it sticks in the throat that I paid EA £54 for it. That’s insane for a game I’ll probably not play on my own that much or even with friends too often. Wish I could have found that physically to trade in. Oh well… Do feel that it’s important to buy the odd 3rd party title if we want decent Switch support in the future too, hence partly why I decided to get DOOM.


Yeah, I should add that if it was terrible, but the only football game on the console, I’d play it a bunch for the rest of the season anyway.

I’m pretty keen on DOOM too. Consider me a sucker


Rime is also out this Friday, has anyone here played it on other platforms? Will it scratch a zelda style itch?




Aye, I’d read the euro gamer article, it sounded like what is now standard for switch ports. Hadn’t seen a review yet so thanks


If anyone wants to punt their SPLAToon 2, I’ll make an offer.