Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


Plenty of people really like it by the sounds of various podcasts I listen to, once you get past the start. But it runs pretty badly on Switch it seems from reviews across the board. Though it had issues on PS4 too some say.


Well the review certainly paints a worse picture than the developer, not surprisingly. It doies seem like the performance issues get in the way which is sad, I might not bother.


I’m a bit gutted about this one. It was the launch game I most wanted. Hopefully it gets patched or else reduced at some point in a sale. Ico and SOTC both ran like dogshit and I still adored them. Maybe it’s taking after those games in more than just art style!


Luckily there is a backlog of good games to play. This is highly unusual for a Nintendo system


The comments on the review are quite telling - if it doesn’t run well on other platforms then it suggests they’re not great at optimisation. Add in the fact that unity itself is apparently having a few problems with Switch, it’s probably begging for a patch or two.


I’ll wait for the patch. Did Sonic Mania actually get its patch yet? I stopped playing after it crashed in a few key places, losing me lots of time.



nice! I missed that thanks


Do games update automatically?


I assume so, but I don’t own a Switch, so can’t confirm!


So Rocket League is insanely good, eh? Stayed up for hours last night playing it.

  • 3 months away


Is ittle dew 2 out yet? That would probably good for your Zelda itch


Got it downloaded. Will hopefully play tonight, have only played it at mates houses so looking forward to getting stuck into it properly (and playing them online)



You get prompted when you start it. At least that’s what happened with Zelda.


What do we reckon about L.A. Noire?


Hoping I can pick it up for cheap one day. Really can’t justify to myself paying full wack for this or Skyrim


I have both on PC but quite like the idea of handheld versions.


Never played either. More intrigued by Skyrim tbh but would like to support the developers. Think I’ll wait for Xenoblade reviews and focus on Mario, DOOM and Rocket League then get one or two of these for the Christmas holiday. Though we may have Zelda DLC by then!

Are either of them good games? Concept of LA Noire intrigued me, but don’t feel like I know many people who really enjoyed it as a game? And Skyrim gets such raver reviews from some, but I fear it’ll feel archaic after BOTW?


I think it is great, flawed in a few ways but still great. I love Noir though so bear that in mind as a caveat.

I don’t think you could really play it and not be impressed at what it’s going for even if it doesn’t fully achieve it.