Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


Noticed that Retro City Rampage is on offer. Any good?


Played about 4 hours of Skyrim and really enjoying it so far, loving the deep lore and shooting fire out of my hands. Combat’s a bit odd, hard to tell if my sword is ever actually making contact.

It’s hard to play without thinking about BotW, I’m constantly trying to swing my sword mid jump and I keep walking up mountainous bits I think I’m going to be able to climb over.

If I could play a game with the controls and mechanics of BotW, combined with the high fantasy lore, skills progression and magic making of Skyrim I think it would be my favourite game of all time.


Hoping for a Black Friday deal on the Pro controller…


That’s probably the next Elder Scrolls, tbh


Apparently the SNES mini is back in stock on the Nintendo site, if anyone still wants one who hasn’t got one


weyyyyy. Back on sale at 3pm

I am now the proud (50%) owner of the Switch. Pal gets it for the first month and then i’ll have it in time for christmas


I feel as a Nintendo fan who never got into them properly until the Wii, that I should be all over this. But I love the portability of the Switch so much that I just don’t think I’d ever play it. Suspect these games will come to the console next year anyhow.


In my house they get used at the same time - one person on the mini and the other using Switch in handheld mode


I’m a couple of hours in. It’s such a good game. I put about 120 hours into the PS3 version (which is probably 3x more than any other game ever). Being able to explore that world again whilst lying in bed is amazing.


I’m going to hit it hard tomorrow evening and Sunday afternoon. I pounded 200 hours on PC and am very much looking forward to another run.


Tried to take on some strong bandits in a ruined keep near Winterhold which I was just way too underpowered for. Gonna go chat to the Jarl and progress the main story a bit then come back to it.

There’s a lad in Riverwood trying to spread #fakenews about an elf who fancies the same girl as him, definitely gonna grass.

I keep picking up every bit of loot after murdering people and end up fast travelling back to Riverwood to sell it to the trader. Might have to be a but more judicious, but I love gold!


Yeah, I never finished the main quest last time because I couldn’t stay away from the sidequests and lovely loot.

There’s all sorts of shit going down in Riverwood. I Jack Reacher’d my way through that place. Very satisfying.


thinking of trading in my switch now, I’ve played Zelda and Mario so that’s probably it for essential titles.

Wonder what I’d get from Game


184.50 as cash or 205 for voucher. Games would bump it up of course.


it’s such a great bit of kit but I need the money…dilemma :frowning:


I know the feeling. You could get way more if you go through the agg of Gumtree et al.


seems like zelda and mario are about £25 a pop to trade in!


The console is trading around 250/260 on Gumtree. With the two games you could dress it up for 300 and I’m sure it’d go pretty swiftly.


cba packaging everything up nicely etc really.


Sounds like the difference is around 50 quid, I probably just save the inevitable stress and go in store.