Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


They won’t go down. Nintendo titles keep their value like nothing else.

This is why it’s always worth buying physical copies of them. Although saying that, they’re also the ones you instantly regret selling and will crave playing through again in a year’s time.


yeah doubt I’ll ever play zelda again but I could see myself wanting to run through mario odyssey in a couple of years


Battlechef Brigade is great guys. Such a clever concept for a puzzle game. Basically it’s master chef the anime with a clever match 4 game to simulate cooking battles.

You chose your ingrediants based on the taste of the judges. OH and the writing and story is really good and fun.

‘When hunting for ingredients you need to be at one with your body. Press Y For Physical Attacks, Press X For Magic Attacks and drink alcohol for panic attacks’

Excellent wee indie game, so much personality.


Haven’t had a console in years, but I think the portability plus how pretty/fun Zelda, Mario Odyssey and Rayman Legends look has convinced me.

Haven’t got a telly though, so will probably only ever play it handheld. Any games that are maybe not worth considering if they’re only being played portable? The Xenoblade Chronicles 2 review has got me a bit worried…


Just downloading worms and rocket league now :+1:


I like the look of LA Noire for £30ish, but Rayman Legends isn’t letting me play anything else


A few take downgrades visually, like Rocket League, but it’s never bothered me yet. Played every game so far both handheld and portable and it’s been fine.

Only titles I can see being an issue without a TV are things like Jackbox Party, 1-2-Switch and Just Dance that are based more around it.


Can’t imagine DOOM is all that in portable?


I’ve played it handheld a bit, but have seen a few people saying they struggle with it in this mode


That makes sense, the deadzone in the joycons analog sticks is pretty big and not really ideal for twitchy shooter such as Doom.


Check out @Nintendo2Day’s Tweet:

I can almost smell that Dark Souls port…


Oh please oh please oh please


Cyber monday deal in case anyone needs a memory card


Anyone fancy an online game of rocket league tonight?

  • In
  • Out
  • Shake it all about

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Lemme know what time suits


90% in


This sounds good except:

  1. I’m out tonight
  2. I promised myself NOT to spaff a load of money up the wall until I’ve played the games I already own.


This is from both of us x


Can probably get on about 10-10:30.


Does anyone else always just use the Joy Cons with the wrist straps attached all the time when playing docked? Don’t know why anyone would want to go with the single controller.


I’ve mostly gone for single controller when docked and attached to the sides of the screen when handheld. Have occasionally taken advantage of the flexibility though.

Not sure why I’m using them that way though.