Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


Never used the wrist straps once :smiley:

But I often play with detached joy con. It feels much more relaxed


You might accidentally throw them across the room!


Those are the words of someone who hasn’t been using Wiimotes since December 2006 - other than one occasion that first Christmas, I have NEVER hit the ceiling or anything else with a single handed controller, yet I’ve never had to use the wrist straps to achieve that flawless record. In contrast to @he_2’s old Playstation controllers which were often launched across the room.


I have done for some games yeah. One of the main reasons I loved the Wii so much was the lazy way you could game on it! Most people picture using that console as standing up waving your arms around; I sat on my arse every night using it.

Doesn’t work for all games but for Rabbids, Thimbleweed Park and Odyssey it’s great.


I’m doing it on Skyrim and it’s absolutely fine. I love not being constrained by where my hands are in relation to each other.


Rayman Legends and Mario Rabbids are 1/3 off on the US estore


Both belters, those two games for anyone who hasn’t played then before.


Was going to get the physical of Mario Rabbids, but for £30 the digital seems a fair price


I got about 40 hours enjoyment out of it and never touched the DLC or Super Hard challenges.


WiFi is down :sob:


I would love to use separate joycons but I just find them way too small to use effectively. I did this with the Wii/nunchuck and loved it but joycons I just can’t feel comfortable with unless it’s a really simple game. Mario I just immediately turn into some kind of novice.


another time then!


Do you slide the black bits on?


yeah, still feels odd


I think it’s because of how thin they are



Cereal amiibo?! I’ll stick with my wooly Yoshi thanks.


still can’t imagine ever buying an amiibo or even grasping what they’re meant to do


But just look at them!

They’re mostly best treated as figurines that tend to have a very modest use in some games. My Yoshi one lets you dress a Mii up in a Yoshi suit in MK8, wonders off to get hints on where moons are in SM Odyssey or lets me save my stats in Smash Bros.

A few are treated a little more like DLC; I think there was a bit of controversy over a Zelda one and a couple of Metroid ones that basically locked additional content behind them, requiring the amiibo to access additional trials or mini games, that kind of thing. Those ones are NOT fun and generally suck big hairy monkey balls.


I’ve got two of them, both given to me as presents, that have been useful in Odyssey for locating tricky-to-find moons. They’re nice little things in and of themselves - really detailed and well made. I’d never buy loads of them, but they’re fun.