Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


Reckon if I had a kid, I’d get them loads of those things. That knitted Yoshi is adorable


Im hoping that if its the box I can just take my switch to the supermarket and scan it there :man_shrugging: (if they sell it in the UK)


Finally completed BOTW today. Such a glorious game. I knew with Xenoblade coming and general Christmas feastings it was time to stop dragging it out and storm the castle.
On the shelf it goes now for a good while until I’ve forgotten enough to dive in again.


How many hours did ye do?


65ish. Did just under 90 shrines and enough seeds to stop being annoyed at the carry limitations.
I contemplated doing all shrines before pushing on, but do fancy a 2nd play through at some stage so would like some fresh moments.
I’m sure there is loads of the map I’m yet to see too.


well there’s the DLC too. Also, DLC 1 will put your taken route on the map so you’ll see exactly how much you’ve missed. I covered as much as I could and it took me 160 hours, all shrines, about 200 seeds. I imagine though it could be a more fun experience to blitz through it in less. My thoroughness wasn’t always a fun approach.


I appreciate how you can take different approaches to it and get different things out of it. I have generally just whacked it on when I’ve had time to kill and just messed about in Hyrule for a bit like a big playground. Never used a guide, but just moseying around, I’m guaranteed to make some sort of progress/discovery - play a few shrines, do a few sidequests, maybe a bit of the main story. Yer man breacher’s done more shrines in 65 hours than I’ve done in 100 but I’ve never really felt there wasn’t things to keep me entertained when playing


My copy of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 arrived today so I just played through the opening hour and a half. Feels like it’s got the charm of the original and looks great on a big TV. Suspect I’ll be shelving Mario and DOOM until May…


Do you need to have any idea what’s gone on or can someone new to them jump straight in?


Nah they’re all separate stories, like FF games. No overlap in story, just the design of the game and choice of talent working on it like composers and voice actors.


I think that is the true beauty of the game, the urge to explore which will almost always come up with some wonderful discovery.
It is also wonderful knowing that there are many corners I haven’t discovered, makes the world feel much more real.


We bought a switch and mario odyssey in the Black Friday sales. I’m really excited but it’s out Christmas present to each other so can’t play it for another month!


Change the time on your iPhone.

Merry Christmas!


exciting - did you get a good discount then?


oh and you need to “test” it to make sure it works - as otherwise you will both be very sad on Christmas day if you find it doesn’t


Haven’t you heard? There is a fault where they explode in the packaging if not opened within a week of purchase


The best Christmas present you could give each other is a Mario-filled December.


The straps are really good in two JoyCon mode for local multiplayer as they added about 6mm to the top and two larger buttons. Wife swears by them when Mario Kart 8 DXing with me.


Yeah when we play multiplayer MK8 at work we put those on. They make holding the JoyCons side on infinitely better.


The Joy Con wheels are essential for MK8, imho.