Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


motion controls? nah mate, no chance.


I love it.


Got the switch and Mario Odyssey (physical copy) for £279, which I thought was a good deal and was the cheapest I’ve seen.


yeah that’s really good - think the console alone normally costs 279


I paid that for the console on it’s own. Bargain!


How many people have you convinced to buy the Switch?

I have managed to confirm two mates to buy it, and one completed buying it this week. The other is getting one for Christmas.


3 so far



two (2)


Xenoblade Chronicles 2 seems to be pulling decent reviews, with the lower scoring ones largely put off with the general complexity / JRPG-ness.
Having never played any of the previous series entries, I’m well up for diving into this.


Still got a number of things to play, but I’m likely to grab it when there’s a lull. It’s a luxury that there’s another 85/100 (Metacritic) AAA Nintendo game out there just waiting to be played


Vostok Inc. looks like it might be worth a damn.


I never had a Wii U, but for those that did this level of first party releasing must be both a luxury and a frustration.


Yeah, I spent the final 2 years of owning a Wii and all of my time owning a Wii U with about 2 posts a year to contribute to the gaming thread.

I can think of about 10 games I want to buy on Switch and another 4 I’ve barely scratched and we’re less than 9 months in.


The only frustration for me is the re-release of MK8 at full price tbh - there was enough good stuff on the Wii U to satisfy my gaming in front of TV habits (primarily Splatoon, Captain Toad and MK8).

The Switch itself is so much better that it makes up for anything else.


I didn’t have a Wii U, but I was fully expecting some big gaps when I bought the Switch in July. I haven’t touched Mario Odyssey, Mario Rabbids or Splatoon, and now this looks great too.


More games coming soon guys potentially:

The one thing I’ve really enjoyed about being a Nintendo fan in the past few years is how they’ve moved away from E3. With these Directs, you get a constant drip feed of news about games coming out within 6 months (usually) rather than a huge yearly info dump. Many of the games they show that I initially go ‘Urgh…’ to over a couple of Directs gradually make me do a 180 and buy them. Rabbids, ARMS, Captain Toad, Starfox Guard… all games I thought looked fairly poor at first but turned out to be great.

January Directs for the past 2 or 3 years have yielded some nice surprises. Would bet on a few more 3rd party announcements, Mario DLC announcement, a couple of Wii U ports, lots of info on Yoshi and Kirby, and a closing teaser trailer of the Fire Emblem or Pokemon RPG. Think 3DS will start to get barely a look in too…


Think a lot of it will focus on the launch of the online service/virtual console


Just grabbed Xenoblade, am hoping to sneak an hour or so this evening but my wife wants to do “something nice tonight”.


Xenoblade 2 is £29.99 at Argos