Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


won’t deliver though. buy and collect asap before they change the price if you want it IMO (if you can find somewhere with it in stock)


None of the London stores have it :frowning:


yeah, i’ve had a click about and you have to be lucky to find a store near you. most don’t have it in stock


A steal of a price though!


surely a mistake! expecting it to be corrected very soon


seems to be out of stock everywhere near me too - shame as I can get an extra 8% off at Argos on top of that

But I wasn’t planning to buy it so probably for the best really




(Not sure what this does for me but I have no real world Switch friends)

See ya!






I can get it but can’t afford to spend the money. Damn it!


What the FUCK?!!?!??!???!




It’s a christmas miracle!


Fuck off


All the cool kids have a switch


… and @balonz


Shall we do a favourite Switch games of 2017 poll? I am happy to do the counting, just a top three each I think will suffice.

Could wait to Christmas for people getting Switches then, but also, I love polls. Or maybe I should at least give Xenoblade some time?


Played 2 hours of Xenoblade and it’s pretty great huh. Anime as fuck but I like it a lot.


So V has a switch on his list, we already have a Wii U and a PS4. Is it worth it for the play and go type elements and new games?


Yup. It’s had a remarkably strong launch year and already has a library full of essential games you can’t get anywhere else. And as a portable system it’s pretty stellar.