Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


I’m fact id argue it’s quickly becoming my fav console of all time at the rate it’s going.


Excellent. That’s me sold…!


Surely can’t keep up the rate of hits its had this year, but less than a year deep it’s surely the most impressive release of any console yet. And even when there’s inevitably lulls, the appeal of great indies on the go makes them feel more like catch up opportunities


Can’t believe my copy of XC2 turned up on Tuesday morning yet every commute my train has been too full to be able to Switch it up or each night this week something has conspired to keep me at bay. 3 nights of kids vomiting all over themselves at 10pm and counting! But I WILL play some more… soon.


Eager to hear your thoughts as a fan of the first one and I believe you were lukewarm on X?


Too early to say. Only done the scene setting intro so far.

Definitely feels more like XC than X so far, due to the story, art style and more linear beginning. Characters and art style have been a lot more charming than the trailers suggested and story premise has me intrigued.

Feels like your standard Japanese RPG tropes are all present: stupid high pitched cute character, female character who is about 15 and has big boobs, lingering shots of a guy going ‘hmmmm.’ and squinting (he’s the bad guy!), older protagonist who dismisses your character.

So far it’s doing what I loved about XC most which is it’s quirky, the world looks beautiful (and even this early on, it feels different and insanely inventive) and the music is great to pass hours to. Where I bounced off of X and grew a bit weary of XC was when the combat and fetch quests overtook the enjoyment of these elements. Several reviews suggest that this could happen here too, but time will tell…


Three hours in and I’m absolutely loving it.
I’ve never really watched anime at all really so it is all quite novel and fresh to me. Story is gripping me right from the offset which I didn’t expect either.


Really tempted to get this at Christmas and keep me going through January. Never played any jrpgs but this loved botw, seems like a good entry point


I’d never played a JRPG before I played the original XC and found it delightful. Many of the poorer reviews of this sequel have come from the genre afficiandos who say the systems in this game don’t affect the gameplay enough and feel the story is by the books JRPG fayre. But those things are largely true of XC and XCX, but I still loved them.

Only issue I can potentially see is that the reasons why this series was so good (epic worlds to explore, stunning music, gorgeous art design, fast travel, gameplay changing due to time of day) have been built on and improved in games like BOTW and Skyrim. So it may be a bit old fashioned now after those, plus there’s the more complex systems. JRPGs - or at least the Xeno series - can be played in one of two ways; they DEFINITELY involve a bit of grinding here and there if you’re a luddite like me and labour your way through it, or they involve lots of side quests, affinity missions, complex menu mechanics etc to find ways to topple bigger enemies faster. So no matter your style of play, you CAN get through it. Question is, after 70 hours of play, do you want to have to go find some equally levelled up enemies / hang out in menu screens for two hours to move forward.

I’d say personally, buy the disc and give it a go. If it’s not for you, you’ll only lose £10 on it flogging it.


Buying it physical seems a good bet if I’m not sure, though I think I’ll really like it. Hopefully my copy of botw hasn’t now been welded into my switch, I’ve bought everything else digital!


What are we? In 2016?


I was gonna say…


I’m about 3 hours in and it is slightly overwhelming! Lots of menus and terms thrown at you in tutorials which you can’t go back to and have found myself looking up a fair bit online. There was one initial battle at the start where I had no idea what was happening.

Having said that the storyline is gripping, some of the cutscenes are amazing and I’m slowly being drawn into the battle system. It doesn’t really hold your hand at all and it’s nowhere near as ‘simple’ as BOTW in RPG terms (so many menus and stats!) but I am being drawn in and enjoying it.

Had to download the Japanese voice pack as I could not stand the English voiceover at all - it was so jarring hearing a Northerner and a Scotsman speak in an anime type game!


I’ve played for about 12 hours (I think i might need help) and it does all start to make sense. The fact you can’t reread the tutorial text feels like a bad ommision though. I’d accidentally clicked through the explanation for elemental combos and was baffled for quite some time.

I’m finding the voices quite novel so far, but think I’ll probably have to switch them at some stage if this is really going to be on the 100 hour mark.

Oh and for some reason the game still counts your playtime when in sleep mode (has to be a bug). Not a huge issue of course but a little annoying of you want to know how much of your life the game has stolen.


I am still baffled by elemental combos - I can get to do a special where you have to press B at the right time. The menu comes up on the top right and from there I am lost - I understand there is an order but what am I comboing? Arts? Specials?


You are stacking specials. You have to trigger an art that matches one of the symbols in the cascade tree thing in the top right.
What it wasn’t clear about is that the 2nd stage has to be at least a level 2 art and the third stage has to be at least level three.
I had to watch a quick video and then it all made more sense.


Shit it isn’t an art, it is the special. The thing assigned to the a button that goes up in Roman numerals.
I hope it didn’t make it more confusing.


Got a link to that video?


It gives away a late game companion and I only watched the first two mins as it was all I needed. But it certainly helped.


I’m six hours into Xeno 2. Not really feeling it. Especially after Persona 5, Nier Automata, and Horizon did the anime/open world/RPG thing so well. The map is a nightmare and the combat is dull.

might trade it for breath of the wild as I didn’t play it when we had it on Wii u and now is prob the time I correct that.