Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


Someone needs to update this for non Xenoblade fans…



Also, these sales figures for Rocket League must be well punchy…


That is impressive. They truly nailed the mechanics in that game.


Has anyone got Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap? I was browsing the shop and it interested me.


It’s good . Looks beautiful. But it’s an old game with a new coat of paint so it is kinda dated. But i recommend it if you like the look of it


XC2 seems pretty divisive. Unless you’re a huge JRPG fan, getting Zelda instead would be a no brainer imo. Could you still return Xenoblade?


I had dreams of bright coloured numbers smashing off of objects. Far far too much Xenoblade played.

Absolutely loving the game still, my crew is around level 31 and I’m on the fourth chapter. The story has ramped right up and I’m truly invested in the arc (which I didn’t expect really). The last JRPG I played was FFIX (I don’t include Nier Automata as that stands alone to me) so it has been some time since I dived head first into a game like this.


Nah, don’t think so. Not bothered tbh. I’m a big JRPG fan. I’ve played some dumpster tier ones in the past, but just not gelling with this.

Yeah. I really should have played Zelda when we had it on Wii U but the PS4 had such a strong start to the year I was a lil’ preoccupied.


Ah, I can understand why you weren’t super keen to buy it, if you already bought it and didn’t play it, though hopefully having it on the Switch would help.

Somewhat put off Xenoblade now. I’ve pretty much only played Square JRPGs and I’m not sure this is the one for me to branch out with


I’m not a big jrpg guy at all and loving this game so it’s probably not that so much.


Maybe buy a physical copy and sell it on whilst there is a high resale value or trade a game with ya man rugby for it. Or buy it off him direct and really it if you don’t get on?


That’s good to hear. Not sure why people seem to either love it or hate it. Unfortunately, I’ve not got anything to trade right now, as I’ve mostly bought digitally. but might try picking up a physical copy when I see it on offer


Take this with a huge mountain of salt but Bandai Namco rumoured to be unveiling new Switch games on December 15th:

Dark Souls Collection
One Piece Dawn
Soul Caliber 6
My Hero Academy
Xenosaga HD Collection


Started Mario vs Rabbids last night; just got through the first mini boss. Big fan of Beep-0; and I can see why people have raved over the character put into Rabbit Peach. Bit disappointed there isn’t really any difference in the classes yet, but I assume that’ll come later (or perhaps now, since a load of stuff was just unlocked).

Still can’t believe how much I want to play this thing.


Megaman 30th anniversary livestream on this evening (7pm I think) and Nintendo retweeted it. What do we reckon get our hopes up or no?


If Capcom don’t release whatever they’re announcing on every platform known to man in the last 5 years and the next 10 then they really wouldn’t be Capcom.




That’d be pretty great.
Kinda hoping for Tekken 7 and Dragonball Fighterz too.
It all might be total bollocks though to be fair.


And yet no Megaman Legacy Collection 2, Okamin HD, Disney Afternoon Collection or Monster Hunter World for Nintendo platforms and no Monster Hunter XX for the west.
I have zero faith in Capcom when it comes to Nintendo platforms.