Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


Hey, we got Street Fighter 2: 25th anniversary edition! :wink:

Capcom have a history of porting everywhere as soon as they think they can make sales, so I think Switch is going to get parity fairly soon.


No need for that SF mate - my SNES Mini has me covered :rofl:slight_smile:
Hoping for that parity soon. Sounds like they’ve made a good job of the Resident Evil Revelations ports anyway.
I would absolutely love a two pack of Okami HD and a Nintendo-exclusive Okamiden HD.


Late to the party here, but I’ve finally put some decent time into Mario Odyssey. That’s my GOTY right there (I bounced off Zelda for some reason).

I’ve never been a massive Mario fan, and only bought it because I got a really good deal. Something about this one absolutely works for me: the controls are perfect, but it’s the puzzles I’m really loving. Also, the feeling that the secrets are not wilfully obscure…


You don’t think they’re obscure at the moment, but just wait till later in the game…


Xenosaga HD would be interesting. Especially considering we only got part 2 of 3 in the EU on ps2. Which was meant to be the worst one!


All 8 Megaman X titles coming to Switch.


Megaman 11 coming late 2018 to Switch. Old style play with modern graphics :smiley:


Megaman Legacy Collection 1 & 2 both coming to Switch as well :smiley:




Nintendo are teasing an anouncement at the Game Awards Thursday


Safest bet is the Zelda DLC, seeming as it’ll surely win a bunch of adwards


I was thinking along the lines of possible Mario DLC, but this could work too.


also could be, but Zelda is out in December and there’s still no trailer or release date


Note to self: Need to be super careful whilst exploring in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 as you die EASILY. Story is really quite good in this game, really engaging characters and
I’ve grown used to the mancunian and scottish accents.

Poppi is the best character so far.

Wish they wouldn’t fucking talk so much during battle, especially the scottish guards ARHGHHGHGHG


In the volume settings you can turn town the battle barks. I’ve set it so they are audible but not booming every 3 seconds, made a huge difference.


What setting is it? I turned down Battlle Narration but that didn’t seem to do anything


It turns down open world chatter too. I haven’t got my switch with me to check.
Battle naration is quite useful, the shouts of “Excellent” or whatever spell is being cast.


Game voice volume. It became essential to turn down againt the groups of guard enemies who just constantly bark the same line.


So this arrived yesterday!

Are people still playing Mario Kart?


Hope you’re enjoying it so far.
What games did you get?
If you want to add us all as Switch pals here’s the details and feel free to add your own too:

It’s been a while since I’ve played MK8 but there’s a DiS room for 8 to 9 every Monday and Thursday (details in link above) and I’d be up for a few races tomorrow night if I remember.