Nintendo Switch - This is now the angel killing badass hairy witch thread


Do people actually play in those allotted time slots? For some reason I just assumed not


I thought those were the only times the lobby actually goes ‘live’ :man_shrugging:
I’ve played in the past and it works fine. When you add the lobby it should tell you when it’s open.


Done with Mario now, I’ve never been that into Mario and got more enjoyment out of it than I thought I would, but having done all the main stuff, 100%ed my favourite places, I now never see myself going back to it. Now the question is, As someone who didn’t play games from 2007 until I got the switch, and am really into my RPGs (Zelda is what brought me back in), do I go for Xenoblade or Skyrim? I was super envious of everyone playing Skyrim when it came out, but lots of people have said it’ll be frustrating after BotW, and Xenoblade is in theory something I would be really interested in, but what I’ve seen hasn’t capticated me. Any tips?

Was ill earlier this week and picked up Rocket League to help pass the time. It’s fantastic, amazing how 50% of the time I feel like I’m the greatest Rocket Leaguer who ever was and the other 50% I should just bin my Switch and give up gaming.


I say go for Skyrim if you have never played it before. It is a great game despite its age and flaws


But if you want a more colourful and jrpg flavour of game then go for xenoblade 2


Ten hours in to Skyrim. I can’t believe how buggy it is. I’ve got a woman called Lydia fighting with me and when a giant hit her with it’s club she shot in to the air like a rocket. Literally went as high as a mountain. A mammoth tried to kill me but it just got stuck in it’s place.

Still really really enjoying it. Stayed up late last night reading all the books I’ve picked up. I love lore. The motion controls are actually very good for the bow.



Just Mario Kart and Rayman to start with - planning to get more of the big hitters around Xmas. Only played MK so far, but bloody hell it’s wonderful. Got a train journey this evening to kill some time on so sure i’ll get stuck into both.

And cheers for the doc, will try and jump into the lobby if I’m free! Look forward to regularly losing podium finishes to you all after slipping on a banana and getting hit by a combination of coloured shells.


No problem.
Yeah MK8D is great fun. You’ll never be stuck for a game online anyway if you don’t use the DiS lobby but it would be nice to get a few more games on there with everyone.
Always hear great things about Rayman but there’s just too many good games coming out now. Maybe grab it on sale at some point too.
There’s lots of demos in the eshop too if you’re wanting to try a few games out.


I think Rayman is going to be one of those games that ends up perpetually on my wish list but always below something else. Mind you, after ten minutes of dying repeatedly in the demo, that might not be such a bad thing!


No. You WILL buy it and buy it now


Not before at least Zelda, Stardew, Splatoon and Mario Kart. And probably Golf Story.


You do what I say for your own good or ill clap ya


sells switch



So WWE 2k18 is out now apparently?


I’m wary of the lack of previews and reviews anywhere.


Yup, doesn’t matter for you though, as you’ll be too busy playing Rayman


I would be, if you hadn’t forced me to seek my console earlier today :wink:


This is the only opinion I can find. Would heed the advice of this comment though “when a ‘big’ title like WWE 2K18 gets delayed and delayed without any communication from the developer, and suddenly pops up on the store with short notice… it should be a very big red flag to stay away and await some reviews.”


Seems like the game wasn’t well received on other platforms in the first place either


I will probably buy this despite all the red flags and the fact that I haven’t enjoyed a WWE game for a very long time on accounts of how I’m a knobhead.